File Sharing XP question?

Where do you set write privalges for the file contents in a shared folder on a peer to peer network? I’ve got someone on a 98 machine that’s trying to edit a file on an XP machine and I’m being told they’re not able to. I know 9x machienes have that setting in the shared tab of the folder property window but where is it on XP?

It depends on what kind of security settings you’re using.

If you’re using the Simple security settings (in Explorer, Tools - Folder Options - View - Use Simple File Sharing), there should be a check-mark that says Allow network users to change files in the Sharing tab of the shared folder’s Properties.

If you’re using the Complex security settings, you’ll need to set permissions and connect to the hosting computer with a valid login/password with appropriate access.

I seem to recall some issues with 9x writing to XP machines a while back, but never really had a chance to experiment with that for real.