File Storage & Sharing

On a project where my creative director is asking me to provide her artists with secure online storage space (twenty to one hundred artists). She thinks it would be about 200MB per artist, and she promises to delete stuff as soon as she downloads it.

I’m assuming we’re talking as much as 20GB storage space (plus bandwidth) which exceeds our total on the hosting plan, so I’ve been looking into stuff like YouSendIt and Dropload and wondering if I should just make the case for USPS or FedEx. I would love to not have that conversation. Anyone been down this path and care to share?

At 50gb is $300/yr.

If you really want to go crazy you can get a dedicated server with an 80-120GB hard drive colocated with plenty of bandwidth for like $40-60/month these days… yeah that’s right, it’s that cheap. Welcome to 2005, we’re all scared of terrorists and hurricanes, but living in the future does have its advantages.

Thanks for this, sounds like an excellent deal. Am I right in thinking Xdrive sells email addresses mercilously? I mean more than most. Can’t remember if it was them or someone else.

I’m using Strongspace at the moment, although it’s really geared towards personal use - you’re talking $125/month for 50GB. Alternatively, Streamload has some pretty good features - unlimited storage, with prices based on how much you want to download each month. It’s more a media thing than straight file dump though.

Yeah Streamload is sounding good so far, assuming she can share access with up to 100 people. Found them by way of

You can have files hosted, and password protected, and just give out the links. There’s a dropbox, so anyone can upload anything, although only the account owner can actually specify who has access to what.