Files that have been deleted/moved still found via windows search


A while back my search index was corrupted and I repaired it. I’m pretty sure my 2 external hard drives were not connected at this point (when I repaired).

Now, I am sorting through my two external HDs and files that I am deleting are still shown in the windows search even though they are no longer there and files that are copied/cut+pasted are shown at their old and new location (even though they are only at the new one).

Ever since my first hard drove broke a while back I have been a tiny bit paranoid (and getting much better at backing up files I want to keep, even though I lost barely anything in that crash).

Does this sound like an issue with my search index or is this a (common) symptom of impending drive failure? Having both fail at the same time seems like a long shot and would be terrible due to the high HD prices at the moment. Due to those I have not been able to properly back up those two drives…

Also, is ~15-25 mb/s a healthy/normal transfer speed for USB 1 connected externals?

Both drives (western digital) passed a WD tool health check by the way (and speedfan SMART), but I’m not sure how reliable those tests are!

Thanks for any feedback/opinions.

Not an expert, but it sounds like an issue with indexing. As for the rate, iirc USB 1.0 capped out around 12 mbps, and that’s why 2.0 was such a big deal.

i had this problem where the recycle bin items were all ghosted/hidden but still findable by a tool such as’s “Everything” a few months back. something about the recycle bin getting corrupted. but yeah, gigs and gigs of deleted items still stuck in hidden purgatory.

something like this

Thanks. In that case the drives are USB 2, as now one is going at ~30ish mb/s.