Film director Miis

I found a guy on GAF that made some pretty uncanny Mii versions of film directors. Here are the ones that I got from him that I can send to folks that are on my friendlist here:

(I also have Orson Wells, but can’t put more than 4 images in a post, so.)

Here’s the full post and list for those who care.

If you want any of them, just reply to this message or send me a message on the Wii and I’ll send them your way.

OMG! Woody Allen Mii is AWESOME! How do these work? You can upload and download them from other people, or does he give you slider settings, or what?

This almost makes me want to go through the trouble of digging up my own and entering other people’s 128-digit Wiicodes. The prospect of playing Wii Sport tennis against a Kubrick/Hitchcock team is pretty appealing.


One of the most bizarre, appealing things about Hitchcock is when he’ll do a cameo in the crowd for boxing, tennis, or bowling.


Ha!!! I’ve already got Alfred. Either you, or someone else had them on Mingle, and I snagged him the other week!

What’s the best way of going about getting a picture of a Mii like that? I’m guessing taking a picture of a Plasma or LCD TV? If that’s the case I’m screwed since I’m still in the CRT world!!!

I love Welles and Scorsese.

kubrick did enjoy a good game of tennis.

Please send them over to me DM.

I do believe you’re already on my list.

Is there one of Bruce Wiillis?