Filming begins on Furiosa!

Figured we might as well give this one its own thread at this point!

Fuck yeah!

Oh, what a day, what a lovely day!

I hope they at least give Charlize Theron a cameo. Pay her something!

Do want!

I expect you to keep this thread title for the next 30 years, when someone bumps the thread for a new retrospective interview with the head of George Miller in a jar.

Filming wraps on Furiosa!

‘Furiosa’ CCXP Booth Features First Image of Anya Taylor-Joy in Prequel (

Hell to the MF yes.

It’s… okay!

The digital work looks more obvious than Fury Road, but maybe that’s just because it’s still being worked on. Beyond that, it’s fine but not inspiring, my excitement is based more on affection for the first movie and some decent casting choices than anything I’m being shown here.

What if it’s just more of the same?

Wait a minute – more of the same? That would kick ass! More of the same, please!

Is it me or did that look really CG heavy compared to Fury Road?

Fuck. Yes.

I might actually go to a theater for this, for the first time in four years.

It did, but given the articles I’ve read about the experience of shooting Fury Road and the effects on pretty much everyone involved, I can’t say I’m all that surprised.

Why does it have to be a prequel? So sick of those.

Fingers crossed. Fury Road is easily top 5 for me. Probably top 3. I could watch it on a loop. It’s a crazy miracle of a movie.

Based on the trailer, it looks like they did lots of stuff on the Volume for this one. And I feel like that tech is getting overused. It jumps out at me … oh, there’s the foreground on-set clutter, and there’s the big screen background. Some have used it better than others. I wasn’t aware, for example, that The Batman did a bunch of stuff on the volume (or whatever they call the non-Disney verison). Maybe it comes down to the choices made in how to use it.

I also feel bad for the folks who had to cut this trailer. It’s good – but the trailers for Fury Road were incredible. Like, I have a distinct memory of watching the teaser for the first time.

Anyway, here’s hoping lighting strikes twice. I’d love to have a worthy Fury Road companion piece. Worst case scenario, probably get a slammin’ score since I see that Tom Holkenborg is back.

I’m seeing lots of complaints about the way the effects and/or lighting looks in this trailer. I get it, but if you know about the hellish filming conditions and the way Fury Road barely came together, you have to realize that there’s no way that production was going to happen again. Additionally, John Seale, the DP on Fury Road retired.

Anyway, in George I trust.

Exactly. I love Fury Road so, so much, but as much as I’d love it, I’d never wish those conditions on anyone again. Let 'em have a little CGI to save their sanity.

If anyone’s interested in the crazy story of Fury Road’s production, the book Blood, Sweat & Chrome was really good.