Filmography 2010: year-in-film montage

DISCLAIMER: Spoilers if you’re anal like me. Kind of.

Filmography 2010

[Yay for the title frame!]


“You have part of my attention. You have the minimum amount.”

woah, great link. I’m very impressed by these editors.


I caught the 3 frames of Winter’s Bone. I’m surprised how many of these I can recognize with so little time to reference them. I had to check twice to spot Animal Kingdom’s few frames.

That was an amazing montage. I think I recognized most of the movies, but I can’t be sure because they were going by too fast for me to know. By the time I had thought of the movie, two others had gone by.

Guess I should start thinking about my top ten list!

The film industry should do one of these each year. Lately I haven’t seen more than 3 or 4 movies a year, but this makes me feel like I’m really missing out.

I love these things!

Exactly! Even movies that I have seen and didn’t like always look awesome in these montages.