Is anyone else doing this? I started rewatching Rossellini’s “The Age of the Medici” due to the launch. And Sascha Guitry;'s “Pearls of the Crown” and “The Cheat”.

I don’t know what Filmstruck is?


"Filmstruck is the ultimate movie streaming service for the discerning fan. You’ll find an expertly curated and constantly refreshed library with classics of all kinds from Hollywood, independent, foreign, and cult cinema.

As the exclusive streaming home of the Criterion Collection and classics from TCM Select, FilmStruck offers access to critically acclaimed films and iconic movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Enhance your viewing experience with exclusive introductions, rare archival TCM content, and bonus material you’ll only find here. All the greats are waiting for you on FilmStruck."

Lots of Foreign and classic films.

(We love necroing threads almost as much as we like reporting people we don’t recognize, @Navaronegun ;-) )

This is why I stopped hanging out here. It’s kind of “nerd aggro”. EDIT…better add a smiley face… :)

I did it for a year, and enjoyed browsing the catalog. But I didn’t renew this year. Let me know if their UI, UX, and site/app performance improves and maybe I’ll subscribe again.

Some more of my thoughts on it are in this thread:

I have no issues at all. Mainly on Apple TV.

We’re really working on it!

I mean there was the really deep, soul-searching conversation going on in the thread about our schism from another board, Broken Forum Van–err, no. What I meant to say is that we were really reflecting on how to better welcome newbies to the boards in the How to Make Quarter to Three a More Welc–ah, actually, no, nevermind.

Why don’t you check out the, um, Secret Santa Thread? Or the Heavy Metal Thread? Or, um. . . the Secret Santa Thread!

I mean, I get that…but how hard is it to think “Man, I’m loving Filmstruck. I wonder if, on a site where movies are discussed a lot, if there’s already a thread about a movie service that’s been around for a few years?” And then typing in “Filmstruck” into the search?

I don’t know of any message board communities of value that that think that it’s useful to spread discussion on narrow topics across multiple threads willy-nilly.

Something to consider: maybe it’s not us. It’s you.

You can also safely ignore triggercut; he’s always an asshole if he hasn’t gotten to call someone out for writing up a hot take in the last 15 minutes.

You’re right. I always look back for a thread last active 6 months ago! Everywhere. Oh, sorry, someone made a post in FEB. I mean that is a relevant happening discussion.

On the other hand, maybe sarcasm isn’t the best approach. Just to play devil’s avocado.

I was tempted by Filmstruck recently because I wanted to see Stalker (1979), and I wondered if it was available for streaming anywhere, and the only streaming service that had it was Filmstruck.

So I made a mental note to look into it later and moved on.

Then I saw a couple of other classic films that are highly praised as some of the best of all time. So I looked up where I could stream them, and they came up on Filmstruck again.

So I think one of these days when I’m in the right mood, subbing for a month of Filmstruck could be really cool. I just need to get a list of films ready in advance to get the most out of that month.

Yeah, it seems like a cool idea for a service. I’ve always wanted to watch some of those old films, maybe this would be the way to do it. Probably look into it over the summer, when I have a lot less TV.

I actually got Hulu originally because it had several weird, hard to get titles like Rossellini’s “Socrates” leased out by Criterion, when they had’t even released it on DVD. Just having darn near all the Criterion collection all streamable at quality in one place is great. They actually got me when I was getting emails telling me that WB Archive was closing down; merging with Filmstruck. That made me start to investigate.

Well I didn’t plan on Guacamole when I showed up.

I’ve some down time, which has let me dig around a little more. Though I am not doing much else besides Expanse and Legion. Summer means Fargo, though.

Frago is the refreshing treat that makes the days of summer memorable.

Noah Hawley is the David Simon of the late 10’s.

I think David Simon is still the David Simon.