Final Fantasy Advent Children

is out on torrent and it is good.

Well the fight scenes are. everything else seems like the battle of Japanese Glam rockers for the supremacy of who has more angst.

But the fight scenes. Good gods, the fight scenes. When will you Americans learn to choreograph a fight scene like the Japanese do?

Is it subbed?


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Okay, the most important question: How does Tifa look? :D

Tifa looks great. I was not too thrilled with any part of the movie. It all felt like silly wire-fu rather than Final Fantasy.

What were you expecting, an ATB meter so that they could wait to attack each other in sequence?

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I was expecting some use of the Materia. Tifa could have thrown up a shield and that stupid cat thing I never used could have thrown Ice or Fire or Lightning or soemthing. It had some of the elements of FF, but they left out other just as important elements for no reason I can see.

I think “be cause the swords were cooler” is reason enough.

Cloud’s compactable sword collection for instance - man I want that.

EDIT: here is the contents of my AC thread, before I saw this one.

So Final Fantasy: Advent Children is widely available on them thar internets now, and most of squenix’s fanboys (i.e. me) have seen it.

To be brief: More please. Much more.

Not so brief: AC, much like most of Squarenix’s products, suffers from an overly complicated plot and a bit of ham-handedness (watch it and count how many times Aeris appears, however obliquely, I dare you) that only a fanboy could love. And AC, much like most of Squarenix’s products, still manage to pull off a very pretty, very fun experience in spite of itself.

AC, purchasing Taito, and possible upcoming purchases of some web-based companies: Squarenix is clearly trying to broaden their appeal and draw in new fans in. In essence they seem to be aiming for a high quality/high diversity model, much like how Disney built their brand. And Advent Children shows that they arn’t quite ready for the mainstream yet. But they are getting better, and I hope they succeed.

My quick review:

Plot–mostly a giant “Huh???” for anyone who’s never played the actual pre-colon titular game, because that’s where all the backstory is, and before the colon in the movie title is the only place the actual movie has it. It’s been…seven? years since I played it, so I’m still rusty on who the hell some of the cameos were.

But the plot’s largely irrelevant. Mostly it’s an excuse for gorgeous rendered animation of technomagical demigods beating the crap out of one another and their surroundings while not so much thumbing their noses at or even breaking but actually raping the laws of physics; in the course of fighting, they grasp the elegant equations of the universe and take great pleasure in thoroughly violating them. The fight scenes comprise the vast majority of the running length, and that was a wise editting choice.

The animation has a couple spots of dodgy quality that’s the fault of the virtual directing–the biggest one that leaps to mind is the panicked crowd in Midgar who isn’t actually running away from the monsters and the fighting and the Bahamut and HEY LADY, but rather running laps around the central plaza, which is just distractingly silly.

I think “be cause the swords were cooler” is reason enough.

Only Cloud + Enemies used swords, the rest used other kinds of weapons. So this doesn’t make sense either.

Gravity sucks anyway.

(Rude and Reno were best!)

Ditto their weapons. I mean seriously, who would want Tifa standing in the back casting Contain spells and Ultima as most players I know used her in game, when she could instead use Final Heaven on the electro-fist guy like she did?

EDIT: Though Barret sort of sucked, just standing and shooting. They made Vincent work well by having him get up close and jump around, but Barret never got any love, in game or in AC.


Ditto their weapons. I mean seriously, who would want Tifa standing in the back casting Contain spells and Ultima as most players I know used her in game, when she could instead use Final Heaven on the electro-fist guy like she did?

EDIT: Though Barret sort of sucked, just standing and shooting. They made Vincent work well by having him get up close and jump around, but Barret never got any love, in game or in AC.[/quote]

Yeah, and I wished the used Red XIII more or had Cait Sith hang around making more dumb-ass comments.

Seriously, after watching the fight sequences with the swords, people just channeling materia would have been kinda boring.

Plus, if they truly wanted to model the materia usage, there would have been thirty minutes of film dedicated to a high-res version of that trick where you set things up to quadruple-cast Knights of the Round.

Although it would have been amusing to see them fight Bahamut by summoning sequentially bigger and bigger versions of it.

Rowr. If you can ignore the fact that her tits not only ignore gravity, they snubbed their collective noses at it. Never seen breasts actually pointed upward I must say.

Gravity over all seems to be very selective, which I wouldn’t have a problem with it except for no reason at all people who have been vaulting around like it’s zero G suddenly have a problem lifting themselves up from a ledge.

Why am I trying to poke holes in this movie? It’s a silly movie with spectacular graphics, and that’s it.

Watched this today. Holy carp that was fun! I had utterly no idea what anyone was talking about or doing or thinking between the fight scenes, and the plot remains a big mystery to me. But I don’t care, because the action was spectacular and everything was so beautiful. I agree that the gravity defying leaping was a bit distracting and things got a bit Dragonball-esque towards the end, but it was just so much fun to watch.

Anybody out there want to give us a summary of the plot with appropriate spoiler taggage? A rundown on FF7’s plot might help set the stage, too.

Oh, and why is this thread in books,comics, tv, and music?


Synopsis of FFVII

Anyone is free to correct if I’m wrong, because I’m working off of memory and even now nobody seems to quite agree with all the pieces of FFVII’s plot.

Okay, so this megacorporation called Shinra who has been growing steadily more powerful by siphoning out the essence of the planet and using it for technology in the form of Mako reactors. AVALANCHE, is a group of terrorists who are against Shinra run by Barret and joined by Tifa, a survivor of the Nibleheim incident. One day, their efforts are strengthened by cooperation of a cynical ex-SOLDIER (Shinra’s mercenary group) named Cloud. They succeed in gumming up some of Shinra’s plans until a flower girl named Aeris (said Aeris’s cultivated flowers are special because she as an Ancient and has unwittingly imbued them with the force that operates life on the planet) that Cloud meets and who is being harassed by the special “elite” (snicker) group known as the Turks is kidnapped. Going to rescue her, the group discover Red XIII a special planet lifeform intelligent tiger and the return of a malevolent being known as Sephiroth, who killed the president of Shinra, who is then succeeded by Mr. Badass Himself, Rufus.

They escape on an awesome motorcycle referenced in Advent Children. There Cloud relates that he was once on a mission with Sephiroth when the white-haired wonder went crazy once he found out the truth about genetically enhanced soldiers created through more planet research in Nibleheim on the basis of an alien entity called Jenova exhumed from the northern crater of the world hundreds of years ago. He burns down the town and kills Zack, who used to be Aeris’s boyfriend. Then disappears.

When he reappears, it is with a strange cult of followers and freed “Jenova clones” from Shinra’s laboratories. Jenova is an alien lifeform who hops from planet and to planet, killing it like a parasite. Sephiroth’s planning to use Jenova’s power find the Promised Land and wrest control of the planet for his own ambitions. Aeris finds out what he is up to and in a climatic scene allows herself to be sacrificed to save the planet.

Three important facts have become unraveled by the time this happened:

  1. Materia is a form of manipulated planet energy in pure form (usually) that is refined by people to use.

  2. The planet is alive in a sense, and has guardians like Red XIII’s race, or protectors, like The Weapons.

  3. The planet’s operates on a mystical force called the Lifestream, which is actually just a combination of ideas from several different Eastern philosophies.

The crew eventually finds Sephiroth, purges Jenova and uses Aeris’s sacrifice, Holy to combat Sephiroth’s ambitions in Meteor. Cloud excises Sephiroth, but something unanticipated happens and Holy fuses with Meteor. Whether all life on the planet is destroyed or lives is up for debate as only the purer planetary lifeforms, like Red XIII’s race are seen to survive and Midgar, Shinra’s headquarters is in ruins.

Nobody finds the Promised Land and in the end it turns out to be more of an ideological idea than a real place. The debate is whether humanity deserved to live or die, whether its an infestation or ultimately benevolent. At the same time, the long triangle between Cloud, Tifa and Aeris is another theme. Cloud is attracted to something pure in Aeris and never gets over her death (and in fact has a REALLY confusing psychological breakdown), Tifa has always had a thing for Cloud, but held back because she’s a strong woman.

Enter Advent Children.

Its two years after the event (I think) and the remaining surviving followers of Jenova’s will are trying to eradicate what they see as an evil virus by acquiring their mother’s will and genes to pass on a superiority which allow them to purge humankind from the planet. At the same time, a mysterious disease has racked the survivors of the Holy/Meteor fallout and both Rufus and Cloud are stricken with it. In the character of Denzel as well, its hinted that this disease affects those who are not at one with the ideals of the Lifestream and are still plagued by some contrary will to that of the planet. (Its supposed to be a corruption of how the purity in the Lifestream works in people.) While Kadaj and his followers revel in this power (corruption of the planet’s will), others are dying from it.

Lots of fighting ensues. Tifa has the most human and best-acted part in playing out all her emotions in the worry for Cloud who has seemingly abandoned her and his life in search of a cure and is still haunted by Aeris, but Vincent has one of the coolest entrances in any action movie. The whole cast resurfaces to fight the threat and at the end, Kadaj consumes some of Jenova’s cells (which he got from a repentant Rufus Shinra–and the hijinks of the highly amusing Turks–who held the last remains of Jenova in a canister) and briefly reincarnates the will of a Sephiroth. Sephiroth gets owned by Cloud again, in the midst revealing that his true plan was to use the planet as the world’s biggest interplanetary Ferrarri and cruise for hot chix while he wrote the true hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. Kadaj loses and gets absorbed in the Lifestream.

His followers shoot Cloud and he temporarily dies, but is then resurrected by Aeris and the Lifestream who says it is not his time yet. (It would seem, Aeris, as an Ancient–yet another one of the planet’s benevolent, cooperative creatures–kind of directs some of the will of the Lifestream to correct itself as kind of earth god mother.) The Lifestream creates a rain that dissolves the disease in people and in Cloud, and in the only classy Western religion reference in the FFVII mythos, Cloud, the redeemed, stands in the fields of Lifestream flowers and pure rain in the church Aeris visited and started the whole mess almost three years ago and baptises Denzel, healing the disease in him too. He sees Aeris go away for the last time (with Zack in tow) as all is right again in the planet’s mechanisms.

It would seem the highly contraversial ending of FFVII is resolved now and the argument can be finished – humans are ultimately seen as benevolent in this retread of the theme.

The End.


(PS Advent Children was fantastic fun! I do wish they could have restrained some of the mumbo jumbo, but that’s Final Fantasy for you. Reminds of me of Ninja Scroll.)