Final Fantasy of War. I mean, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

That’s great to hear. I bounced off of this one a little bit. I found the visuals kind of muddy/blurry and hard to read on my Xbox, which is an issue for a game like this. And I hadn’t got to the point where builds might start mattering, so mostly I was just swapping classes and leveling everything up, so I wasn’t getting particularly good at anything. I got distracted by other games around that time and just never went back (owning it on Xbox likely didn’t help, as I’m mostly a PC gamer. Maybe if I had it on my desktop I’d think to fire it back up more often).

Maybe I’ll swing back around to it in the leadup to Wo Long, or maybe after I’m done with that one!

I always get interested in games that draw forth love. Thanks for sharing what makes it special. I plan to play Nioh 2 this year, so 2024 feels like when the hunt for Chaos reaches my living room. (I’m sorry Team Ninja for only supporting you on the long tail.) I hope I can find the groove that makes the combat flow joyfully.

In November, I missed the sale on getting this game on Xbox for $10 in a fire sale at Gamestop. Earlier than that I’d missed the fire sale at Gamefly. And currently it’s on sale for $11 in a fire sale at Best Buy.

I missed it yesterday though. It’s all sold out, no matter which Best Buy I pick near me.

Picked this back up to check out the final DLC. It made for a nice coda to the story, albeit a tad insubstantial. By the time I had regained my rhythm and muscle memory for the build that I cleared the tower with in DLC2, the credits were already rolling. Good to see a brand new environment and story mission, though. There’s more I can do to keep trying new builds and cranking up the enemy levels, but I think I’m going to call it a wrap, with lots of other stuff to play and Wo Long around the corner.

I surprised myself and powered through all the DLC this weekend, thanks to this excellent endgame primer on reddit:

I had been using Extra Mode but this guide spells out all the steps and made my time more efficient. I built the initial endgame build he suggested and used it to smash all the DLC3 content for a laugh, though it does take a little effort to get it rolling from scratch.

I think I’m done here. The build is fun to play, but I don’t feel the need to make the numbers go any higher. I’m just glad this game is out of my headspace so I can get ready for Wo Long.

Out on Steam April 6th. They’ve also discounted the price on all platforms.


Wondering if I’ll double dip or not. Maybe on a higher discount.

Might be tempted to pick it up on Steam if the price point is good. Someone described the visuals as having Vaseline smeared all over your display and that felt pretty accurate while playing on Xbox. I found it blurry and a strain on my eyes!

Did the DLCs add new mechanics? The character building never clicked with me, as my time with the game was mostly spent just leveling up the various classes (I never completed the game).

I wouldn’t, PC performance sucks even more. I thought the DLC was very poor and half-baked. Nothing like other TN DLC. Only for people that can’t get enough of the game.

Good to know, thanks!

The DLC do add interesting jobs and weapons. Otherwise, yeah, weird DLC indeed.