Final Fantasy(R) XI Ships to North American Retailers

does anyone have this baby yet?

is it anygood?

post your screenshots too! please, do tell! do tell!!!

today was the official ship date and tomorrow is the official launch date. A few of us QT3’ers are already planning on hooking up in game when it arrives tomorrow.

ah, from what I hear some US and Can EBs are stating they have it today… I guess none of the people who are buying it today at Qt3’ers

My preorder from EB hasn’t shipped yet, so I would guess few will have it before tomorrow.

you always get a small group who gets it early because they live close enough to the warehouse, but the vast majority will be getting this game tomorrow.

Care to join the rest of the QT3’ers Lum?

Just confirming we hadn’t settled on a server yet and are awaiting tomorrow.

— Alan

Awesome. I’m buying it tomorrow and I’d be glad to hook up with fellow Qt3ers out there.

Just let me know the server code once it’s figured out.

EB (in Canada) say it shipped today, and should be in by Thursday. Maybe I will be suprised and it will come in tommorrow.

no definite server yet… will see exactly what happens tomorrow.

Fortunately I’ll be driving to work separately from the missus tomorrow so I can sneak off and buy this and hide my shame from doing so.

If we are stuck to random servers as it was originally implemented, it will either take some a) luck or b) time and money before everyone can get together.

Damn I’m such an MMORPG whore. I’ll post my name as soon as I have it made, but it will surely be some Tommy Tutone like thing.

A couple co-workers tried to buy it at lunch, Best Buy didn’t have it. Feh.

EB (in Canada) say it shipped today, and should be in by Thursday. Maybe I will be surprised and it will come in tomorrow.

I was told Thursday as well, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it today, especially since I’m in Toronto.

Just picked mine up from EBX…

So do we have a server we want to at least try and all get to? Are their factions / starting cities we have to wrestle with too?

…mine should be arriving soonish; fedex is always slow here. :(

edit: it’s here, it’s here! by glory, it’s here!

I got mine at the EBX today. It was still behind the counter waiting to be put out on display.

I went to Best Buy first to avoid having to go to the mall. Alas it wasn’t on the shelves at the time and I didn’t feel like hunting down a blue shirt.

Be prepared for a looooooooooooong patch and installation. 5 cd’s worth of installation as well as patching for PlayOnline viewer and a 2 hour patch for FFXI itself. Everyone is saying 2 hours, so I am wondering if they have choked off the bandwith so everyone dl’s at the same speed. I am getting 2 hours to patch on both cable and dsl connections.

I’ve got about 20 minutes left to go for the humongo patch download. It started with around 1h 30m total.

But yea, as a whole I started installation at 10:30am this morning, it’s now 2pm and I am hoping it’s near concluded. (Got stuff to do in about an hour so I won’t even be playing until late this evening)

REALLY slick presentation and interface though. Square likes to put on a spectacle with it’s frontend. Dazzling and quite intuitive thus far.

Nice thick color manual too, but unfortunately it only glosses over the whole character creation process. Seems you have to log into Playonline to really delve into the number crunching and trait descriptions for those that want them. (Or scour the bevy of dedicated websites, if some of you haven’t already)

Have to wait till tonight to pick it up so… given the patch situation, probably will be late before I get started, if not tomorrow evening.

— Alan

Got my copy. I’ll be installing / patching tonight. Anyone on yet? What server?

I’m still patching too. once I get in and get cash for a worldpass I’ll post it here. We will probably need a couple others to buy them as well since each worldpass code only works for 5 characters, and each person can only buy 1 worldpass code per week.

I have read that if you’re really patient, you can repeatedly destroy and recreate your character until you get assigned to the server you want. I don’t know whether this is true, though.