Final Fantasy VII is Back


Was wondering how long Squeenix would go before they’d milk this one too. :) Guess they ran out of other classics to put out on the DS and the time has “finally” come.


P.S. In case you don’t read the link, it’s coming out for the PSP and PS3.


FFVI was better.


PSP, not DS!


I never said that FF7 was coming out for the DS, just that Squeenix ran out of other remakes to put out on it. :P



It was still pretty crushing to get my hopes up for a remake and then read the article which said a remake was a long way off.


My guess is that they’re doing the same thing they did with Chrono Trigger, where the game looks pretty much identical (where most of the work was done under the hood to get it to run on the newer systems) and has a few extra bells and whistles added to serve as marketing bullet points. Squeenix probably would have liked to release it on the DS, but that actually would require some kind of a remake, since even FF7-level 3D graphics are too much for the Nintendo handheld.



I can dream though.


Hooray, watch the price crash on FF7 on eBay.

I’m with the information should be free camp, or at least it should never cost more than $19.95.


My guess is they’re doing the same thing that has been done with other PSX games for download on the Playstation Store: slapping an emulator around it and calling it a day. The “PSP/PS3” thing should be a dead giveaway.


Final Fantasy VII is Back

Did it ever leave?



Someone lent me a copy but the disc was broken. Now I can play it for real. So to answer your question - sort of.



I thought the DS has better graphic specs than the PSone, no?


They’re comparable, but the PSX has about double the VRAM. The DS also has a hard cap on the amount of verticies and triangles that can be rendered in each frame. While it might be possible to get FF7 to run on the DS in a form similar to how it shipped in 1997, it wouldn’t simply be a matter of moving from one system to another. Making a 3D game on the DS is serious business. :) Nintendo is pretty picky with how it likes things done. Going from PSX to PSP or (duh) PS3 is asking much, much less.

That brings up an interesting question - does anyone know if there’s even been a single PSX to DS “port?”



Well, Chrono Trigger DS has some of the features (well, cutscenes) from the PSX version that weren’t in the SNES original… But I can’t really think of any straight por–wait, what about Resident Evil: Deadly Silence?


I was told that Front Mission DS is a port of the PSX remake of the original Front Mission rather than the SNES version. I don’t know how true that is.


Good call. I think you’re right.

Although I was primarily wondering about 3D PSX games, this is still a fair answer. ;)



Oh thank god. I can finally see what all the fuss is about AND turn my PSP on for once.


Man, they should just make a HD remake. Blu-ray sold like crazy. Fans would eat it raw.


One of the earlier games I ever played. Fantastic game at the time, I still think it’s better than almost any other JRPG on the market, graphics aside.


It’ll look awful on the PS3 on a huge HDTV, but since it’s a game I missed, I’ll have to seriously consider it. Talk says it’s one of the best of the FF series and I hope the dated look doesn’t hold it back too much.