Final Fantasy VII is Back

I almost guarantee they will be making massive changes to those also, given the legacy of e.g. Dirge of Cerberus. And the clearly demonstrated lack of commitment to preserving the classic experience.

Who thinks that they will keep the crossdressing and this sequence?

That was a crazy FF when I think about it. Aside from that cross-dressing bit, wasn’t there a squatting contest? Plus snowboarding and a motorcycle chase. Probably some other stuff I’m forgetting about.

Though there was the play scene and rope jumping mini-game in FF IX. And Blitzball in X.

I would play the hell out of a full-fledged Blitzball game.

The were a whole host of mini-games. Most of them sucked. There was a weird one where you move multiple unit types around along pathways, and use some kind of resource to buy more like a proto-RTS. Can’t remember the details.

Pyre, kinda?

Think that was the tower defense helping rebels hold off Shinra near the town with the J name that’s definitely not Juno but my brain keeps helpfully suggesting Juno

Close - Junon, I think.

And was it XIII that had the Chocobo racing? Feel like VII may have as well. I agree, most of those mini-games sucked. Even the card games, that just seemed completely based on luck.

7 had chocobo racing AND breeding! X had a short chocobo race mini game that unlocked one of the main characters ultimate weapons (Tidus, I think). Pretty sure there are other instances of it, to boot.

I would go so far as to say minigames suck roughly 98.5% of the time and should on balance be banned as a war crime.

Maxigames only.

The internet is providing.

Fuck I’m excited for this game again now

Lost interest when I found out the game is episodic.

Still chuckling.

Anyway, would everyone who wants to compare FFXII combat with FFXV’s…situation…please present themselves to the majordomo so that they can form an orderly queue for being kicked in the nuts for their crimes against humanity? That’d be great.

Also, episodic worked awesome for the beloved story, characters, and gameplay of Half-Life 2, so idk why y’all are being so precious about it here.

Also2, reading posts by Brian Seiler and Rimbo upthread (thanks for the necro, ya weirdos) was a trip.

Cloud, Prison Bitch. Coming Fall 2019. Directed by Ang Lee.

Half-Life 2 wasn’t already a twenty-year-old game when it was released. Everyone was frothing at the mouth to get more Half-Life story, but everyone already knows how Final Fantasy 7 goes.

I predict a ton of people are going to buy in to check out the first episode. But after that? The only people buying it are going to be people who like how it plays. And given Square’s recent track record of trying desperately to come up with a real-time combat system that doesn’t blow goats, my money’s on “this’ll be cancelled before they get to Nibelheim.”

(although I’d love to be wrong).

Releasing 3 March, 2020.

But that’s in the past.

Haha, my mistake!