Final Fantasy VII is Back

Lost interest when I found out the game is episodic.

Still chuckling.

Anyway, would everyone who wants to compare FFXII combat with FFXV’s…situation…please present themselves to the majordomo so that they can form an orderly queue for being kicked in the nuts for their crimes against humanity? That’d be great.

Also, episodic worked awesome for the beloved story, characters, and gameplay of Half-Life 2, so idk why y’all are being so precious about it here.

Also2, reading posts by Brian Seiler and Rimbo upthread (thanks for the necro, ya weirdos) was a trip.

Cloud, Prison Bitch. Coming Fall 2019. Directed by Ang Lee.

Half-Life 2 wasn’t already a twenty-year-old game when it was released. Everyone was frothing at the mouth to get more Half-Life story, but everyone already knows how Final Fantasy 7 goes.

I predict a ton of people are going to buy in to check out the first episode. But after that? The only people buying it are going to be people who like how it plays. And given Square’s recent track record of trying desperately to come up with a real-time combat system that doesn’t blow goats, my money’s on “this’ll be cancelled before they get to Nibelheim.”

(although I’d love to be wrong).

Releasing 3 March, 2020.

But that’s in the past.

Haha, my mistake!

The production values for this remake are seriously impressive.

Okay, anyone hearing Mark Hamill in there? Right?

Also, this looks cool. It may not be the remake I asked for or wanted, but damned if I’m going to be able to skip it either. Here’s hoping it’s as much fun to play as it is to look at.

So it’s not going to be weird that Cloud still never talks, huh?

Just finished this video - I think I’m going to really enjoy this. The tactical pause, smoothly controlling characters to have them use special abilities/spells, the visuals while still tripping some nostolgia - it seems neat, I have to admit. They talk about how great it would be if the game eventually unlocked a gambit style system so you could set targets like having Tifa use Cure if she has the ATB bar to pull it off, and someone neads healing, but I’d think that would be in the game by this point in the demo/video if it was going to be. It would be cool though.

I still wonder how many years it will take them to release the full game.

Cuz due to a wacky series of happenstance, I had to play through the Midgar portion of FF7 like four times over the years, but never got further than near the end of disk two apart from that. Figure it I’m ever gonna see the whole thing, it may as well be this way, but I feel like they’re going to dribble out chapters for the next decade at the current rate.

FWIW, you played the vastly superior part of the game.

Wow, that looks really good. Still, should it be taking THIS long? And do they really need to release this in chunks? The RE2 remake was fantastic and didn’t take 10 years to make.

Sure, RE2 is not a 50 hour RPG, but we all know 50 hour JRPGs amount to about 42 hours of combat, 6 hours of cut-scenes and 2 hours of map traversal.

Square needs to get their shit together. I mean, it took them about 10 years to finish FF 15.

I would love to see a remake of this caliber for FF IX (or VI!) but then I’d be about 80 by the time it was done.

Wow, this is excellent news!

The most surprising announcement came in the form of the “classic” battle option. Final Fantasy VII Remake reinvents the original battle system and focuses on action, but players who want an experience closer to the original can turn on the classic option. This creates a more traditional turn-based feeling in combat.

Oh thank goodness. I bounced off XV because of the spammy combat.

I am really skeptical that this will actually feel like the classic combat.

Wouldn’t the classic be the original Turn Based combat? Not sure how that could get messed up but I understand the concern and will wait to hear a review.

Yeah, I wouldn’t say I’m skeptical like @malkav11 but I would like to see it in action to make sure there aren’t any language/translations issues. But from what we are being told, it’s classic/turn-based so for now I will take them at their word.

Not necessarily, because it’s a modifier on an engine and design that’s built around playing in real-time. There are a lot of places where that could just make it awkward instead of reproducing the classic experience. For example, FFXV has a modifier where the action pauses until you decide what to do. I tried it and went right back to the default real-time mode because instead of feeling like a turn-based system, it felt like action combat that was constantly getting interrupted instead of flowing and it was mostly just frustrating.