Final Fantasy VII is Back

Tim Rogers saying in that review that the midgard portion of the original game is only 8 hours even if you take your time made me fire it up today.

Well it was that, and this 2 hour discussion on the FF 16 trailer and the FF 7 Remake.

Is there a FF XVI thread yet? Didn’t see one but not sure so I’ll put this here:

This is giving me some FFXII vibes, but one character control only??? Where’s your party? And it looks even more like an action title than the last few. Ugh, SquEnix, looks like I need to stick to the handhelds for my classic JRPG fix. Seems to be Sony exclusive, so doesn’t matter, I guess.

Only temporarily. I don’t mind waiting for other platforms. There’s a big discussion in the above video on whether they should announce FF 7 Remake part 2 for all platforms simultaneously or not since Part 1 will be out on PC and Xbox platforms by then.

I watched the trailer and came out feeling very…meh? Feels like Square’s trying harder to appeal to Western sensibilities and that doesn’t seem to really play well into Square’s strengths.

Is he related to John Laraquette? Kinda looks like him. Especially now that he’s 40.

Wow, he kinda does. It’s really the hair, but I can see shades of the nose and cheekbones, too.

Coming to PS5 on June 10th. I except news of a PC version will follow shortly.

So I guess this is part 2?

I wish they’d hire a better voice director.

This is still Part 1, but with enhanced graphics for the PS5.

Plus some additional Yuffie story content. Likely will bridge into part 2.

I guess she’s no longer an optional/secret party member then. Curious to see what they have her do during the Midgar portion of the game, but she was by far the least developed character in the original so they essentially have a blank canvas to work with.

I don’t mind an excuse to replay this - I loved it - but I was going to do a replay when Part 2 had a release date, somewhere closer to said date, and that’s still my plan. I’m going to look forward to this though, and it’s awesome it will be a free upgrade to my PS5 and keep my saves, though… I just realized my saves were on a PS4 I just nuked and sold. Shoot. Ah well, like I said, I was going to replay it anyway.

The upgraded version drops today, and is a free upgrade for PS5 players* that might want to play again on newer hardware with more bells and whistles (I’m not sure what was added/changed for the PS5 version, but there is a distinct PS5 version available). *PS Plus members that own the game via that method don’t get the upgrade for free, I have read.

The $20 DLC appears to be a stand alone story with all new characters that sounds really cool so I’m grabbing that as well (exclusive for the PS5) and I may dive right into that - I’m looking forward to a replay of FFVII though so I may do that first, but I need to get back to Mass Effect Legendary Edition before I dive into anything new on the PS5.

The VO. This game is too anime for me. I played the original on PC and had the benefit of just text.

I played through FFVII:R two months back, at the behest of a friend who had read about it and really wanted to talk about it. The confusion about whether or not the PS5 upgrade for the PS+ version is free had me thinking at the time that it probably wasn’t going to upgraded for me so timing didn’t matter. After playing it, I found this thread and the link to Tim Rogers’ review. Three hours seemed unnecessary, but I have a lot of alone time doing dishes. So I watched it all, then realized he’s the guy who’s three-hour video of Doom I had once stated to see, then watched everything by his Patreon. So thanks for that, all you good people.

Something about a three hour review is that I can find something echoing or countering my thoughts in a way I hadn’t verbalized. So, thinking back on this all two months after the fact, here was the confluence of Rogers’ and my opinions.

Final Fantasy VII: Remake was all the goodness of Final Fantasy VII that I remember in only a vague and totemic form from playing it 20 years ago. I thought the Remake’s developers went overboard adding minigames to what already felt like a good, complete game. Then Rogers pointed out these all existed there.

The main characters feel developed, have richly detailed models and smooth animations, exist in the world, and really connected with me. I like the different animations for sitting on a bench, and I loved how Cloud just carefully enough adjusts his sword not to hit anything as he takes a seat. Even Barrett, who probably had to start as the stereotype he originally was, developed beyond that and realistically had it as an image he projects to strangers. I do want to see all of the models, textures, and animations in the upgraded version.

Battles were exciting! I only remember that about boss fights and optional kingly monsters (Weapons?) way back. Remake had me anticipating fights. I lost to chumps who were tough on their own, not because they were associated with the story. That forced me to engage more with the mechanics, which revealed more play in the battle system, which led to my incredibly high satisfaction with it. The final fight pushed even further, to where I was discovering timing around making attacks, switching characters, and triggering abilities from the previous character. It was great for the game to push and me to find something to answer it.

I felt out of the moment scrounging for items when all the characters are acting in a rush. Upon beating the game and learning that hard mode says “you can’t use items”, I was so happy. I started to replay just to see what it was like. It was glorious. Now all the lessons about combats are being put to the test, how you perform in a fight matters because MP don’t come back in a chapter, and the pacing is elevated by heading straight to objectives. Hard mode seems like the best way to play the game. I think Rogers mentioned something like, this is role-playing in that you know what to do as the character and properly fill the role.

I want to play the game again, hoping the upgrade works for PS+ plus, so I can tackle hard mode, pay attention to the ending (where I was staying up too late to get any of the details about what’s really going on), and relish the experience once more.

Once I finished, I thought Final Fantasy VII: Remake was a good game, yet I loved it greatly. That confuses the more I look at it. What do I mean by “good”? It somehow relates either to innovation and newness present, or what percentage of friends would I recommend it to. Maybe my history as an RPG fan blinds me, but I expect FFVII:R is not going to click with everyone, and that it’s not bringing an experience everyone should attempt to see. roguefrog’s comment about VO might help explain why I have a general feeling of merely “good”. To that point, there is a lot of Japanese-esque grunt communication, far more than happens normally in English.

If you think you might like it, play it. It surprised me with how much I grew to love it.

Yep, Ruby, Diamond and…Emerald?

Nice post. I’m about halfway through, having paused my run until I can get a PS5. I agree and think it’s a game very much worth playing for anyone who has any fondness whatsoever for FF7, or really any of the series. I was surprised by how good the action feels and how interesting the systems are, but also by how faithful it feels to the old RPG battles. Even though it plays out in real time, stuff like delayed turns on timers, pausing/slowing the action to use items or spells, and even the spells themselves really give you the feel of playing a traditional Final Fantasy game.

And though I highly recommend it, I do think the game has some unfortunate flaws which prevent me from all-out loving it:
-It sometimes feels too padded to add to the game length. There was one reactor dungeon which probably took me almost 4 hours to get through. That felt way too long.
-The out-of-battle movement can be extremely clunky. Sometimes the game randomly forces you to start walking slowly instead of running for no apparent reason at all. There are some very tedious sections where you have to slowly climb a ladder or inch through a tight corridor. These things happen more frequently than you would think.
-Some of the boss fights drag on too long and occasionally there is some real frustrating bullshit going on where things will straight up do boatloads of damage that you can’t avoid (as far as I could tell) and can easily end your 15 minute fight just like that. I’m looking at you Shiva and Airbuster fights.

I was lukewarm on FF7 the first time around because it felt like a step backwards from the SNES games in several ways (smaller party size, less-distinct characters, slower pace due to loading times), but I’m pretty sure everything that bothered me is obviated either by my own changing tastes or by the new design approach of the remake. So I’ve been interested in this following the conversations at the original release, but waiting for it to escape the PS4 version.

Rough release timing for this, as I’ll be focused on Guilty Gear Strive for a while, but I’ll definitely pick it up sooner or later when I want a change of pace.

For what it’s worth, this is pretty close to my own feelings about the original FF7. I have a moderate degree of nostalgia for it because it was a big cultural phenomenon at the time. But for me it will always firmly be a tier below the peak Squaresoft stuff (FF6, Chrono Trigger).

Free item pack in the PS store:

PS5 version only.