Final Fantasy VII is Back

If they brush the graphics up enough to not looks horrid on HD, I’ll strongly consider buying it.

Yeah, I had a roommate who gave me his copy of FF VII as collateral (he was a real asshole too) and then skipped out on a month of rent that I had to cover. So essentially, I have a $400 copy of FF VII that I’ve thought of playing through a couple of times. But the fact that it has no voice acting during the game, as well as the graphics that really don’t look great on the PS2 or PS3, makes it really tough to go back to.

A current gen remake of the game would be awesome. Especially if it included some quality voice acting instead of just text.

This almost certainly isn’t a remake, an upgrade, enhancement, etc. It’s just the PS1 original available via download on PSN. I think Japan already has it.

Whoa. When did that game get so pricey? I’ve got a copy for the Playstation and the PC, and I don’t think I paid more than $20.00 for either of them.

I played most of it on the PC, but then ran into some bugs and picked up the Playstation version to finish it with. With a Dexdrive and a savegame converter, I was able to switch my PC saves to Playstation saves at the push of a button.

It goes for about $40 on eBay right now.

I will never understand why anyone considers FF7 to be anything more than mediocre at best. It’s not even a good FF game, let alone a good JRPG, and its ridiculous success at retail pretty much condemned the genre to years of me-too angsty superwuss heroes with mysterious pasts and amnesia and sucked all the fun and adventure out of JRPGs. They still haven’t fully recovered, although games like the Suikodens and Skies of Arcadia are bright spots in the darkness.

I can only hope that the re-release will result in a lot of people playing it again without the ridiculous GameFan “BEST GAME [email protected]!?!” hype and they can see it for what it is.

Also, even if they do nothing else to it, they really should fix the music. Even at the time, it was some of the most godawful screechy MIDI I’d ever heard, and that soundtrack really deserves better than what it got. Maybe just replace the music with tracks from the numerous orchestral albums.

FFVII did a couple things really well in my opinion:

  1. It allowed a major, sympathedic character to die. It was well handled and unusually poinent for games of that time.

  2. The Materia system was very cool. Allowing players so many strategic options in building and outfitting their weapons was fun and deep without being overly complex.

  3. Good characters- especially since you typically only played with a few at a time it left you wanting to play through again with another set. The character were distinct in their powers but well balanced.

  4. Open world- There were a lot of great side quests and places to find.

  5. It hit critical mass in the US. It was in the right place at the right time and introduced a lot of players to JRPG’s. No matter how much you may prefer earlier JRPG’s this was the first many many people played.

The game hasn’t aged very well. But since it did all 5 of the above so well it really was a great game in its day. Personally I enjoyed FFIX more, but FFVII was a great game.

There are a few other things. And back in the day it was stunningly gorgeous. Now I just cringe at the LEGO people.


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Can’t you at least tell us how much you want to play FFVII before you back to lurking, random lurker man?

I’m with Matt - I’ll go so far as to say that FFVII is the second worst of the modern Final Fantasy games (VIII was even worse).

My original black label copy sold for near $90 last summer.

My guess is they’re doing the same thing that has been done with other PSX games for download on the Playstation Store: slapping an emulator around it and calling it a day. The “PSP/PS3” thing should be a dead giveaway.

Not even that. The emulator is built in to the PS3 and PSP firmware. It’s basically just an image file in some kind of custom container format with DRM.

Is it in POG form?

Big time. But it’s had its day, I wouldn’t buy a remake. Then again, I’m not remake kinda person, I’ve never bought a remake and don’t think I ever will even though I find the idea interesting

Speaking of Final Fantasies, a new sequel to FFIV just went up on WiiWare today. I don’t recall there being much hype over it (the official website is still missing various sections), so I’m not sure if it’s really a full-fledged game compared to the original.

It came out here years ago as a mobile phone game. I think people liked it, but then they would, wouldn’t they?

I’d kind of like to play it, FFIV is probably my favourite in the series.

THAT honor is reserved for Alf. Final Fantasy VII < Alf.

I’ve found that a lot of people who think this had FF7 as their introduction to the series, and as their first modern re-introduction to console gaming in general (ie post 8 bit era). As people are fond of saying, “The golden age of _____ is 13”.

It got a larger marketing push in Western markets than almost any other game to date, and reached larger audiences as a result. It showcased 3D to a larger market that hadn’t really seen it before, and its use of cutscenes essentially defined the way that Square RPGs would be made. I’ve always considered its (enduring) popularity to be the result of a number of factors unrelated to its actual merits as a game (which isn’t to say that the game does have its merits). But its’ very hard to separate FF7 the game from FF7 the historical object.

I loved Final Fantasy VII the first few times I played it for the story, the characters, the world, and the cutscenes. I love Final Fantasy VII now for nostalgia, the world, and setting up my materia. I really love the materia stuff.

It’s up for download for only $10. I am tempted to just buy a new copy than find my old discs and toss em in the PS2.