Final Fantasy VII is Back

That 10 minute spoiler section was really impressive to me, in terms of respect for this game. I plan on playing this game one day, but I don’t mind spoiling myself about it anyway. It’s funny that Tim Rogers says that you can only use that story-telling device once. The reason I dislike certain Japanese games is precisely because they use a story-telling device like that multiple times, so it will be interesting to see if that holds true here.

And that spoiler section really made me want to play Final Fantasy VII Remake for the first time.

I’m playing through this game.

The game started slow. I persevered and started to really enjoy it. Then I hit chapter 9. It’s like the designers took a list of all the things I hate about games and rolled them into one section! Confusing city to navigate. Obnoxiously over the top NPCs. Two long, plodding boss battles. Nonsensical plot points - why were they going to “rescue” Tifa? Fetch quests. Not just one but two rhythm mini-games. Based on the 18 chapter count I’m halfway through. I hope it gets better.