Final Fantasy VII, Now on Steam

The greatest story ever told* is now on your computer!** Looks like Square just re-released this old chestnut on Steam. Did anyone bother to pick it up? I am tempted but am scared, recalling the atrocious PC port for Windows XP. I used to moderate the Eidos FFVII board for several years, and people there would come crying to us all the time! But I think this re-release could be a good time to revisit the game… to poop on it! Amirite guys???

*not really


It actually looks pretty good, and I’m honestly tempted - it’s been a really, really long time since I played it, and I only got through the entire adventure once, that first time. I assume it has controller support, and can be played in a window? If so, yeah, I might grab it for $12. If nothing else, I’ll throw it on my wishlist and get it when it goes on sale at some point.

Never played a FF game, so I am really curious about this and will pick it up if the feedback is good.

Can anyone, without mayor spoilers, say, why this game should have the “greatest story ever told”? Never played any FF and getting curious as well.

It mentions “partial controller support”. What is supported there exactly?

If you like the format, it’s a fun game (the original - I have no idea about this latest port). However, it is not like modern RPG’s, so don’t go in expecting that. The story is just as silly as any other game, but its nonsense is at least internally consistent and therefore presented better than many you’ll find elsewhere. It is fairly long and very much on rails, but it’s a seminal work and inspired greater games that followed it.

Thanks Dan, I’ll probably pass on that one.

It’s only on rails the first half or so, like any FF game it opens up in the second half letting you explore a ton of optional content. Or so I seem to recall.

Even though the FF games (especially FF7) comes up all the time in discussion, this is the thread that made me remember that I have the Official FF7 Strategy Guide from BradyGames. I bought it so that I can revisit the game without playing it again. How’s that working out for me? I’ve neither replayed it nor read the book…

It has terrible combat, graphics, sound, writing, and the biggest addition of this new version is Squaresoft DRM. Stay away. You’ll be better off with the original modded, or the PSX version.

…which has everything you mentioned except for the DRM.

Really, they should release FF IX for the PC - THAT was the pinnacle of their PSONE era, fixing everything that was wrong in VII and VIII.

VII, at the time, was a pretty good experience but it hasn’t held up that well. The thing is, it could really benefit from a remake because the potential was there.

They wouldn’t even have to do a major overhaul, either: redraw the ridiculously low-polygon characters, speed up or remove the silly “swoosh” pre-battle animations (which were probably used while data was loading off the CDs), only show the full summons animation the first time and a shortened version later (as IX did) or make them skippable, make the random battles a little more difficult, and most important of all, redo the entire script! Remastering the soundtrack (which was pretty good) and sound effects would be icing on the cake.

Huh, 3GB. Wonder whats with that explosion in size. I’m pretty sure the original wasn’t 5 CDs.

3 CDs on PS1, 4 on PC according to Wikipedia.

Yeah, I picked it up and regret it now.

Clearly you guys are too old and jaded for the BEST FF EVAR!*

*note: this is actually FFVI.

Thread title should be edited to say DON’T BUY

But but with FFVIII you need to hold R1 and press square to do the mini-game thingy while the summon is umm being summon. I loved FFVIII but it’s a chore to play now with the magic draw system and the long summons. Could use a bit of a graphics overhaul too.