Final Fantasy XI on 360

The beta is available on this month’s Official Xbox Magazine. I’m going to start a character to check everything out. I’m probably going to use San d’Oria as my start city because it’s the one I’m most familiar with. If anyone’s interested in joining me there, just pop in this thread or msg me online or in the game if I’m playing. I saw BDGE was in the PlayOnline viewer earlier tonight so there might already be two of us.

If it’s anything like everyone’s been bitching about in Japan, I suggest setting aside a 6 hour block for all the updates to be downloaded…

If this is happening on the existing servers, you guys should totally get on Odin and start in Bastok.

  1. XBox has their own servers

  2. FF XI takes catass requirements to new levels. I don’t expect to level every ten minutes or to be able to cross the road in no time, but Christ on a cracker this game is painful in its tedium.

And that’s what’s keeping me from trying this game. Now that I’m starting classes again, I really don’t have the time to play demanding games. Also I’ve heard all kinds of nasty rumors about how crappy the solo experience is.

The solo experience is far from crappy. It’s excellent… if you’re one of the classes that can do it well.

Just how did I miss this thread before deciding to open another one just to bitch and moan.

Dave, I’d be happy to play with some of you folks if I ever complete the installation.

Myself and BDGE are in San d’Oria. I’m Grok and he’s pintsize. We’re the Abbott and Costello of FFXI. :)

We were using the voice chat built into Live and that seemed to work very well while we played, zoned, etc. Good times.

Now I pass out.

Quickie question: If you create a character that isn’t based in their homecity, is there a way to get that starter ring you normally receive?

My taru had a snazzy windurst ring before I deleted and re-rolled in Sandoria to play with Dave, and now I don’t. I tried checking the consulate, but the Windurst reps view me as San’dorian scum. :(

Does this mean that I’ve already fell behind the curve? Ah, the sad state of trying to keep up already rears its ugly head. :(

No. FYI, you can change your allegiance to a different nation, but I don’t believe you get the ring.

That said, that ring is only any good for like the first five levels anyway. You’re not missing much. However, and this is a big tip for everyone playing, so I’m going to call it out:

Always get Signet cast on you when you leave town to fight stuff. In addition to netting you crystals, this will let you earn conquest points. When you have a thousand conquest points, talk to the gate guard and buy an Empress Band with them. It’s a ring that you can activate once every sixteen hours, and you get 50% extra experience from every kill for the next three hours or 3000 exp, whichever comes first.

Does this mean that I’ve already fell behind the curve? Ah, the sad state of trying to keep up already rears its ugly head. :(

San d’Oria is just one of the starting towns, so no, I’d say you haven’t fallen behind.

wish this was available as a download. Don’t feel like going out and buying a magazine

Ok got a few questions: I’ve been eyeing the ff11 pack they have out now, the one with the game and all the expansions, is it worth it now to pick it up?

About soloing, what classes make great soloers, and is it true you can always switch classes?

Definitely worth it. Let me know if you do and I’ll get you a world pass and show you the ropes.

You can always switch classes, but you can’t do it on the fly; you have to be in your Mog House, which is accessible from any major city and also a couple of the smaller towns, but not all of them.

So, the best solo classes are Beastmaster and Dragoon, which are both advanced jobs, meaning you have to get another job to 30 first, and unlock them. Post-41, Red Mage (a basic job) becomes the best solo class, but soloing as RDM before that sucks ass. Ninja is pretty ok at soloing, but that’s an advanced job too.

So what’s a good basic job for soloing? Probably Warrior with a White Mage sub is your best bet before you get a job to 30. Warriors can wear heavy armor, and they have decent damage output… they’re kind of a half tank, half damage dealer at those levels. MNK/WHM would probably be my second pick, because Monks are good damage dealers that get tons of hit points a little later on, but WAR/WHM is probably better. Now, the WHM sub is important, because you need to be able to heal yourself to solo well, and you don’t get to have a subjob till 18. But every class solos to 10 or 11 anyway, so that’s not as far off as you might think. I don’t think you’ll be able to avoid partying completely with that combination, if that’s what you’re after, but you should be able to do at least pretty well for yourself. Also, WARs have really no trouble getting party invites, so, when you do want to party, you’ll have an easy time of it. That also means you’ll be able to push to 30 faster (I did it in about five weeks as WAR), and unlock BST or DRG, when you really can just never party at all if you don’t want to.

If you do pick up WAR, a word of advice: the top-rated weapon for WAR is two-handed axe, and the secondary is one-handed axe. So pick one of those and stick with it; you’re probably better off going for one-handed so you can use a shield. Just don’t use a sword or a knife or something.

Wait, seriously? You mean just for the demo or for the final build, too? I was thinking about playing my old character for a bit (still have an active account) when the Xbox version came out. What’s the deal?

I’m pretty sure you can buy the ring with conquest points.

Really? Well, huh, as a Bastok Hume, I guess I wouldn’t know. Still, by the time you can even get to another nation to change your allegiance to it and then rack up conquest points for them, I’ve got to think that ring isn’t going to be worth it anymore. Unless you can change allegiance at a consulate, which I’m almost positive that you can’t.

I think it’s worth it when you start playing new jobs. Good rings aren’t available until level 10 or so and for some jobs levels 8-10 can be a pain solo. But yeah, it’s really not a big deal.

Right now for the beta, you’re on the Xbox-only servers which I might add are PACKED with people. It was a like a friggin’ gold rush for Rabbits last night. The Wild Rabbit and Forest Hare were running for their lives with tens of Lv.1 thwackers racing to snag them as quickly as they hopped out of their hidey holes. BDGE and I thought the whole thing was pretty damn comical.

I think when they’re done with the Beta, they’ll do a wipe and throw all of the 360 players into the general population. Lee Johnson was trying to tell me a lot of convoluted info about how S-E does this when they put a new server online but I can’t for the life of me remember all the vagaries.

I had to start over either way so it didn’t matter to me, but if you want in the Beta, you gotta make a new Mamba to hang with the new Grok.

Fuzzy! You’re not behind. We were both like Level 2 at the end of the night. Did a little running around and picked up a couple things to do. Originally one of us was going to make the trek from our home city to the other guy’s but cooler head prevailed and BDGE set up a new guy in San d. instead. I thank him for that. :)

You can solo until at least Lv.9 or 10 so that’s all on your own time if you want it to be.

Square told me that everyone’s going to be on the same servers when it’s good to go.

That’s somewhat good to hear. I won’t really be able to play until tomorrow evening due to my commute and I probably won’t put any significant time in until the weekend. Do you guys have any particular times you plan on being around?