Final Fantasy XII - The Zodiac Age (HD Remaster Take All My Money)


Yes indeed. The cheapest (legal) PS4 Pro I can find in Brazil costs R$ 2200, which, at current exchange rates, amounts to around US$ 690. If you try for equivalent currency in terms of purchasing power, then it would be closer to US$ 900.

As for games, a typical US$ 60 PS4 game at release costs somewhere from R$ 150 to R$ 270 (so roughly US$ 47 to US$ 85). PC games on Steam at that price range in US are usually around R$ 105-130.

So yeah, consoles are way too expensive here. It might make sense to pay US$ 400 to play a game, but in my case (not considering purchasing power), I’d be paying around US$ 750 to play one game. I guess you’ll agree with me that’s crazy. ;)


Sooo… I’m just past the part where I seem to have finally got all of the characters together. :)

I built my team based on what the characters seemed to be geared towards initially. Here they are, with planned secondaries in brackets:

Vaan: Shikari (foebreaker)
Basch: Knight (bushi)
Fran: Archer (red mage)
Balthier: Machinist (uhlan)
Ashe: Time Battlemage (white mage)
Penelo: Monk (black mage)

I have Ashe and Penelo left to assign initial roles to, my question is at this stage of the game which role should go first? Monk or Black? Time or White? I get the feeling I’m starting to need some more hard-core heals and buffs/debuffs!


Black and white I would do first. By the time you unlock the second zodiac you will have needed both of them.


White Mage for sure - earliest access to critical healing and removal spells, like Vox and such. Time Mage has some neat tricks early on, but not enough for a first class.

I would probably make Penelo a Monk first - build up her HP reserve first. Why? You don’t really get amazing black spells nor near enough MP to actually use them for awhile. Now, once you do (where I am at level 29 or so for her she’s dropping spells that hit an area for 3k or more damage, more than triple what one of my melee guys pull off, and she’s got Chanelling 3 and a Sage Ring so said spell takes like 8 of her 380 MP, and then she gains a little of that back from Warmage (gains MP for dealing damge with spells) and Headhunter (gain MP for killing an enemy).

Plus at that point you’ll have many more gambit slots you can use to set up her magic, for things like “if Fire-Weak: Firaga” or “If 2 or more enemies: Bio” and such.

As a Black Mage early on she didn’t have any problem doing her fair share during fights, but once she was out of MP I’d have to swap her out until the next Crystal or use Ethers, which I was loath to. I paired her with Red Mage though, not Monk, but I can see early game Monk being a great fit for late-game Black Mage.


Thanks guys, that sorts that out! Excellent game btw, loving it.


Does anyone want the code for the digital version of the Prima Game Guide? I always get the collector’s guides for games like these to put on my bookshelf (this one is getting quite the work out already) but I never need or want the digital versions. None of my friends are into this in real life so I’d like the code to go to a good home.


Sure, I’ll take it.


Man, I didn’t get up early enough in the morning today!


Heh, sorry man, early bird gets the worm and all that. :)

If it makes you feel better, I see the digital version is only $10. I kind of recommend the book though, it’s handy to have access to without having to get over to a PC, though it’s $25 (which is a pretty decent price, imo, it’s a nice looking and very handy guide).


Haha, oh, of course.

$10 is kinda tempting. Just for the subquest and hunt reference if nothing else.

Also, Brawler is a damn lie.


Played the PS2 version of FFXII on my original PS3 with backwards-compatibility and thought it was great addition to the series. There was a bit of a grind necessary to level up at a couple points, which I very much disliked. I would definitely take a go at the remake if I ever have that much gaming time available.


If I had known this was a thing… goddammit. Well, on the plus side it’s been like 7 years since I played it last thanks to not knowing about it, so it’s been an extra treat for me as I am barely remembering story beats and locations/dialog/and all that jazz at all. Getting old has its perks! :)


It’s unclear to me (not that far in) that this is still the case with the remaster. It looks like it would be easier to get more powerful faster with the new license board setup. They’ve also made mention of doing some rebalancing for a smoother experience.

That said, the speed up modes are incredible for “grinding”. They can massively reduce the amount of time spent in combat and moving around/through zones.


@Adam_B Prima digital guides are actually 50% off until the 23rd, with code SDCC17. So $5!

Objection! Would have been nice if someone who’d actually been posting in the thread got a chance to nab it! ;)


Sounds good if they did some rebalance work on it. Hitting the walls took the momentum out of the game and story. This is definitely on my wishlist for a replay one day.


You really don’t need to grind at all, far as I am anyway (level 28 ish).

And even if you do, jam on double speed and set your gambits and just enjoy the waterfalls of loot and xp.


I’m about half that and feeling the need to grind a bit for some more cash!


Need, or want? ;)



Well I see equipment in the store that’s a level above the stuff I have, and I think that it’s probably wise to get it for the upcoming area… mind you nothing’s been particularly hard yet.

Keeping 6 adventurers in the manner to which they’ve become accustomed isn’t cheap you know!


I mean, if they leave you you’re totally going to have to pay them a stipend to keep their lifestyle broadly similar, so you might as well do it now ;)

In other news, apparently Golden Amulets (double LP) are no longer available for purchase in the remaster? So plan accordingly, I guess.