Final Fantasy XII - The Zodiac Age (HD Remaster Take All My Money)

Picked this up finally. Had forgotten how fantastic the musical score was for this FF, probably the best in a series known for great music. Guess gameplay isn’t the only thing that has suffered in this series since 12.

But damn, I would pay good money for Vaan’s Hair Remastered DLC.

Now that WoW Classic is a thing, we should be getting FF XII with a proper third act any day now, right?

I’m only about 10 hours in, but I really enjoy this. I haven’t played any FF games since a brief attempt at FFX, and I realized I’ve only ever finished FFVI.

Maybe I’ll only ever really get into every sixth entry, but I’m glad I picked this up (and it’s a great fit for the Switch).

Don’t know how the Switch port is, but you should also play FF IX. Maybe you’ll only ever get into every 3rd entry starting from 6 and ending in 9 :) (I didn’t get far into FF XV).

I can’t decide which I love more, XII or IX. Maybe this play-through of XII will decide that.

FF IV (DS version) is definitely close behind.

Does this game have the best writing and voice acting in a JRPG, ever? I think so.

We’re still talking about Xenoblade Chronicles, right? Because yes.

I just couldn’t get into these games, I tried the latest on one Switch and I don’t like the combat, or something about the game in general. That’s twice I failed to get into a big XC game and bounced off it, sadly.

It’s pretty darn great - the story is my favorite in a FF game, it takes place in the world I hold dearest (Ivalice), and the art design is on point between characters, enemies, and locations. My only regret is we never got a XII-2 or something. Hell, a proper Final Fantasy Tactics 2 would have been welcome, indeed!

Sadly I think Matsuno-san is on the outs at Square since all the fuckery around FF XII’s production, and he seems to very much be the creative genius behind FFT and FF XII.

Is he? He seemed pretty involved with writing the Return to Ivalice raid in XIV.

Yeah I hated that game. The original game is my favorite JRPG character group, though, and the voice acting was really great.

He was also involved with the PSP Tactics Ogre remake.

And according to his article, did not leave on exactly bad terms…

Didn’t play that one. By the time I tried to get a copy for 3DS it was going for $100. I guess I can get a digital copy but hoping to snag a used copy in good condition (with case) for a decent price, eventually.

I finished FF XII Remaster tonight, the first FF I’ve actually ever finished.

Unlike the brick wall of one shot kill mobs that stopped my FF7 attempt dead, my mix of play and side quest levelling/exploring throughout meant my low 50s group was enough to kill the big bad end boss. Just before I attempted him i did look at a previous save and wondered whether or not I’d need to grind out some better armour, weapons and levels (and get bubble) but thought Id give him a try and completed without any issues. The world, characters, story and depth of game pretty much ticked all the boxes. For other reasons ive hardly gamed in the last few weeks so wondered if ive ever pick it up again, i was half way up Pharos but did a few days ago and completed it today and am glad i did. What an excellent game.

and now i can start FF XV

FF12 is my all time fav FF game, and one of the best JRPGs in general, imo. I’m glad you liked it!

Oof. Going to be a bit of a backslide there, but it’s not as if there is no fun to be had with 15, or anything. Be interesting to get your impressions.

I need to get back to FF XV, I was actually having some fun with it with the battle system changed to the pause-when-not-moving mode, whatever it was called. It’s a hectic, not-so-fun mess without it.

But if you haven’t, play FF9 instead. For me, FF9 and FF12 were the series’ best entries.

I was playing FF XII daily for the last month or so but hit that area where you have to do a lot of backtracking to activate the doors/portals and after a few times I just started playing something else. I will get back to it, but may need to look at a play-through to figure it out.

I don’t understand adding some kind of puzzle or “trick” area near the end of what has been a pretty straightforward game. Poor game design - just took me completely out of the groove I was in. Reminds me of how frustrating the temple puzzles were in FF10, an otherwise great game.

A well made game, but ultimately a failure for me. Just going to copy/paste my steam review.

This is a tough game to recommend for a few reasons… It’s a game that gives you a lot of quality of life improvements, but then those quality of life improvements tend to trivialize the game. This game has a 4x speed option, and pretty comprehensive AI management in the form of “gambits”. The end result of this is, you spend 99% of your time in 4x speed mode, with your entire party on autopilot. This is great from a ‘I’d like to power level my characters’, view, but bad from an immersion and connection standpoint. This mechanic extends to boss fights as well. Once I’m done trying to steal something, it’s just put the game on 4x speed and watch the boss die in about 20 seconds.

By all accounts, this is a “good” final fantasy game, but it left me feeling cold. I’d recommend it to people that are fans of the series, but other than that I’d probably pass…as your choices are largely meaningless. The job system, which should be a source of many hours and replays, ends up being a sort of…well…a ‘so what’ affair. 20 something tiers of accessories, armor, weapons, etc. /snore. You do get access to higher spells, better weapons, better armor, but…does any of that matter when the combat is just an endless series of your party auto running to the next mob and killing it in 2 seconds? This is the crux of the problem with the game. The basic gameplay loop does not change, at all. The fights you engage in will have very little to differentiate them, regardless if you are level 5, or level 90.

I think their heart was in the right place with this game, but the culmination of the gambit system, and the literally braindead/mindless combat, makes this game a real snoozefest.

Does being so totally wrong in such a profound way at least like get you preferred parking? ;)

I am a bit on the same boat, although I stopped playing as soon as the combat became boring to me (around some weird forest area if I recall).
The first dozen of hours was really great though.


I never understood the comments regarding this game and FF XIII about the games playing themselves with the gambits or XIII’s automated system.

I still find myself having to a fair bit of management during battles (not to mention, dying). Maybe I’m not fully optimizing my gambit set up? I feel like you CAN spend a ton of time customizing them to pretty much win each fight, but why do that if it makes the game not fun?

Same with the 4X speed. I leave it off unless I’m backtracking through a low level area.