Final Fantasy XIII not a PS3 Exclusive

If the writing wasn’t already on the wall, it’s confirmed.

A more interesting turn of events would be if Nintendo got it (back).

Ouch, I remember how shocking it was when Square switched from nintendo to sony with the PS1. I think that really just leaves MGS as the only exclusive I would play.

Um, not really.

The article in question is referring to the basic umbrella of Final Fantasy 13 titles which include the announced FF13, FF13 Vs, and the FF13 cell phone game and presumably more unannounced titles to come.

So saying that the whole range of FF13 titles isn’t PS3 exclusive doesn’t confirm that the main FF13 title (ie the one getting all of the attention and that most people care about) isn’t exclusive to PS3. There might be a FF13 MMO in the works, for example, that could appear on the 360.

Basically, it’s like saying that FF12 isn’t PS2 exclusive because the DS is getting Revenant Wings.

Yeah, this is the same old shit we’ve already heard for a while now – FF XIII, the full package, is Nova Crystalis. It’s spread across multiple platforms but will be based on the same universe. The only true sequel in the numbered series, though, will be on the PS3.

So when did they start making multiple different versions all sharing the same number, but only one is the “true version?”

Anyway they fail to make any distinctions.

An article that actually references the “source” of the news -

If they lose the ‘main’ game it’ll be a crippling blow, but I don’t so much see that as has been said.

On an unrelated note, I hope beyond hope /one/ of these is FFT-esque…

Crippling blow indeed. I’d say the same could be said for Metal Gear. Both are the “Halo” franchises for Sony.

No way in hell is Metal Gear a “Halo” franchise for Sony:

  1. It doesn’t sell nearly as much, even in the heyday of MGS 1. Almost all of the SOCOM games (a Sony owned franchise) outsold MGS3.

  2. It’s already been on multiple platforms- MGS2 was on Xbox as well (many people seem to over look that) and MGS1 was remade for the Gamecube. MGS4 coming to 360 shouldn’t come as a shock to anybody.

You know what Sony’s biggest franchise is? Gran Turismo which they own outright. And that one does do comparible numbers to Halo.

Final Fantasy 7. There was FF7 the main game and since then we’ve had FF7 Advent Children, FF7 Before Crisis, FF7 Crisis Core, and FF7 Dirge of Cerebus.

Most recently is the “Ivalice Alliance” that is comprised of all of their games taking place in Ivalice- FF12, FF12: Revenant Wings, Final Fantasy Tactics (PSP version), and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2.

So this umbrella grouping of titles is Square’s big thing now.

That’s a deceptive answer. He asked when they started doing this, your answer is the game they started doing it with, but they weren’t doing it back when FF7 came out. Actually, doesn’t FFX-2 predate all the FF7 spinoffs? Either way, all the FF7 spinoffs have only come recently.

Yeah. It looks like this really is starting now, with XII getting a DS sequel.

I will point out that XI didn’t remain exclusive, and neither did any of the MGS games. I’m guessing we’ll see XIII on other platforms within a year or so of launch on the PS3.

FFX-2 is debatable (it’s more of a conventional sequel than the rest of this stuff) but otherwise it did start with FF7. It was the first of the umbrella projects announced, followed by the FF13 projects, and most recently by the Ivalice projects.

But to be more accurate it was whenever the FF7 stuff was announced- 2003 or 2004 maybe?

Yeah, I figured the actual date this started happening was what he was asking, not which series they did it to, but we’re covered either way now.

The official MGS crossplatform announcement has to be coming soon.

I figure we’ll know if the main FFXIII goes crossplatform because there’ll be a rash of firings at Sony.