Final Fantasy XIV General Discussion Thread

Yeah, codes from Square are apparently mailed later or something.

I find them incredibly tedious.

In order to make the other character somewhat comprehensible to people like us, they tend to have just 3 or 4 skills instead of my usual 24ish. That wouldn’t be so bad, except the enemies are almost always giant bags of hit points that take 5-10 minutes to kill. Hitting the same couple skills over and over and over and over is not my idea of fun.

I like the concept they’re gong for, but the execution is rubbish.

I’ve never understood this gimmick. I’m playing a game where I’ve customized and custom tailored the character I want to play. The devs put a ton of thought into how that class plays with interesting abilities and that sort of thing. And then you stick me with some random boring character with unfamiliar and usually much more boring abilities? Why do game designers think this is a good idea?

And NPC escort quests while I’m at it! Why???

Escort quest should equal an immediate and permanent ban from ever working in the game industry again, for any person involved in producing said quest. I may make this part of my platform in my upcoming Senate run.

The last solo duty for 5.5, I get the feeling that they are trying to have the player get a sense of being a part of a larger team in a medium that is not just a cut scene.

The problem with that one is you need to heal through one part of it. Thankfully, it saves as you pass each battle.

Also, is it me, or does the trust system suck? You or the NPC die and it fails the fight. I can go back in to the fight, but it’s a PITA.

Just to continue on the duty queues, turns out it is part of their congestion mitigation for Endwalker. While it looks like they’re doing everything possible, I read that as admitting that things will be BAD for a while. MMOs often have rocky expansion launches, but FFXIV had mostly managed to avoid it so far…

Soooo many people quit WoW and came to FFXIV that the servers are loaded even in a lull period. Tomorrow is going to be rough.

Lol. And this is a low pop server.

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That man’s lucky downvotes can’t kill!

I’ve been seeing Wicked with my wife this evening, but my friend (who got stuck in the solo duty queue earlier this week) sent a screenshot of his 3920th place in the login queue for Mateus. And then said that after 3 hrs of trying, plus several disconnects, he got in.

And 2561 for me at midnight. Looks like I won’t be playing tonight.

I am not sure if something changed in regards to capacity, but went from a 6,500+ queue last night to 22 this morning and finally got in.

Yeah, no idea here either but I gave up at 908 last night. Just before 8am, it’s now 35. Guess I’ll just change my playtime for a while.

It’s consistently been short queues in the early morning, four-digit queues after 11 AM or so and all the way through to well after midnight.

I’ve just been playing games on my second computer when I have to sit in queue in the afternoon. Before I know it, forty minutes have gone by and I’m in.

Just tried to log on three times to no avail. Error 2002, “The lobby server connection has encountered an error.” Guess I’ll try again tomorrow. Dang.

I got in this morning around 4:30 AM. Not since. Getting the same 2002 errors.


Unless you’re logging in during off hours queues are baaaaaad right now. And occasionally a 2002 error will come to screw you over, so you have to babysit it. If you get back in queue right after the 2002 error you should reclaim your place in line.

Official statement:

Insomnia FTW! :)