Final Fantasy XIV General Discussion Thread

Does anyone know how long the sale runs? Edit: Looks like until August 18.

Also, is the store account used to purchase the game the same account that’s used to play the game? It looks like you can purchase it using a guest account so I’m guessing the store account is different from the game account?

I’m interested in trying out FF14, but I’m still playing WoW and don’t think I’d be up to pay for two subscriptions at a time. Sounds like I can just putter around with the free FF trial until I’m done with the latest WoW 9.1 patch content.

Debating whether I should pick up the Complete edition on sale now and activate it later on, or wait until after Square releases the new expansion this November and offers a new Complete version with everything. No idea how long that would be, though.

I’m reasonably sure the store just emails you a key.

Yes, I just bought Shadowbringers from the store as a guest, and they sent me an e-mail with a link to a key, which I then redeemed in my Mog Station account using my FF14 login.

Thanks @Knightsaber for posing the deal!


I got it on the PS4 on sale a couple months ago, but never got around to playing and now I have a new gaming laptop and debating just getting it on there instead.

I hate to admit it but I am having hard time navigating around the map. I complete a quest try to return to get my credit but get lost trying to get to the checkbox on the map. I think it is due to the levels upstairs or downstairs in the city. I spend too much time going in circles.

Navigation is my biggest weakness in the game. I’m getting used to it, but it’s still confusing at time. The more warp points you unlock the better it gets.

I’ve avoided any of the classes that start in Limsa just because I find it very confusing to get around. I’m better now after playing off on on for years. But I still kinda hate that place. Fuck levels that are hard to see on a map.

Thx, @BrianRubin & @lostcawz you made me feel better.

I may actually create a different character and start in a better city. I was trying to create a healer but Limsa is sucking out my lifeforce. And I am not sure how to move my healer to another area easily. I am very low level so not a big deal.

Yeah no worries mate. I love Limsa (I am Malstrom after all) but fuck that map. Geezus Christ.

If you get to the level 15 MSQ it unlocks travel to the other cities.

Heh yeah, then you’ll learn that all of the cities are a weird mess. Still love 'em though.

Yeah. Gridania is the only one easy to get around. The inner area of Uldah is a mess too. Unlocking all of the porters is key

I had Heavensword already, but with the sale went on and grabbed the collectors of Stormbringer (which also has the other expansion Bloodsworn). So I added the code to my account and now they all show as being owned. But when I just logged into the game I wasn’t able to make either of the two expansion races as a character. Is there something that I need to do in game to open them up? And if so…bastards!

You need to be the right level (50 for the HW jobs and I think 60 for the SB) and do a quick unlock quest.

Oh, 50? shit. I’m 46 I think. Noooooooo!

Yeah, Samurai and Red Mage unlock at 50. I think the next ones unlock at 60.

Just to be clear I’m understanding, the classes opening upon certain levels I get. But the two new races also require you have a character at 50 or 60?

Oh, and is Midguardian the server most folk are playing on around here?

EDIT: so I relogged in a second time after upgrading to the newest expansions and the client did an update. After it updated I can now create characters with the new races. Guess it took some time for the servers to get my account upgraded

Sort of.

So, RDM and Samurai you just need to be 50. The other classes generally need you to complete the Before the Dawn quest and unlock Ishgard.

This has the list of the prerequisites.