Final Fantasy XIV General Discussion Thread

I was about to let my 30 days lapse and not subscribe, but you folks make it seem worthwhile to slog through to the end game. Who knows, maybe as a conjured I will get a third button to push in dungeons at some point!

One thing I love about this game: you need two bear asses, you go kill two bears. One of this rare drops from other games.

“Heal person” and “Throw rock at person” isn’t enough for you??? :)

Conjurer is what I bounced off of first, then I went Scholar/Summoner just to level up two classes. Summoner gets complicated as hell though so WHM was my fallback when I just wanted something a little more straightforward but still have healer queue times.

Unless you’re doing gathering job quests. :(

Level 41 Dragoon here, first time running through the MSQ. I think it’s safe to say I teleport roughly 30-35 times an hour? If not for the lightning fast load times on the PS5 I’d have abandoned this long ago….

The new event is pretty great. SO CUTE.

People stopped posting in the thread, so maybe everyone stopped playing?

If you’re still around, make sure to do the FFXV crossover event before it ends on October 18. Through it, you can get a 4-seat mount (possibly for 200k MGP). Being about to ferry three other people around makes things much easier.

I’ve not stopped playing I’m just going through the post-ARR slog, which I’m told is the worst part of the game.

Still playing. About 60% into pre-patch Stormbringers.

The first half of it is ROUGH. Somewhere between there and the end of 2.5, it gets really good. (I’m willing to believe that it gets retroactively good, though.)

I feel like I’m still in the rough phase where most quests are running back and forth talking to people and little else.

I gave up on it and uninstalled around level 35. Wasted my money, I guess. I should have done the free trial before buying it to see if I liked it. The quests just were not any fun and I didn’t like the main quest constantly requiring dungeons. Especially since the dungeons were… bland. Bland is the nicest way of putting it.

I found the game to have a lot of nice QoL features but the gameplay itself just felt like a chore rather than a joy. I knew it was time to quit when I had to force myself to login after only playing 35 levels.

To be fair, a lot of the quests are like that. :)

Fair but it wasn’t as blatant about it.

Still playing nightly - doing a lot of cleanup and completion before Endwalker releases. Two nights a week farming primals for the gwiber drops, two nights doing BLU raids for the morbol mount and one night running the 48 man raid to help some others get their Cerberus mounts. Plus finishing up the relic weapons for this expansions. Tonight did some more ocean fishing with friends and finally got my shark mount from that.

Definitely my main game with plenty left to do :)

I’m playing but kind of idle atm. My friends and I are going back and doing old 8 man content synced on level to get used to raiding in FFXIV over WoW. It’s been kind of hit or miss. The classes are REALLY not balanced at level 50/60 and doing some of these raids I am sure is much harder with half a kit.

Media tour embargo has also been lifted for Endwalker. Gamer Escape has a good overview of job changes for anyone wanting to check those out without watching a video.

Lots of changes coming to Monk! Very exciting!

As is tradition, it seems like I’ll have to completely re-learn Summoner again for this launch. :) They sure aren’t shy about total job overhauls and I’m all for it.

Post level 50, the main story quest gets blocked by a 24-man dungeon. After that, it soon gives a warning that you, the player, should have lots of time to view the next set of cutscenes. No kidding, that was somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes. But! There seem to be real stakes for the story, now. This feels like the point where the promise that things get good begins to be fulfilled. FFXIV has my attention.