Final Fantasy XIV General Discussion Thread

@Mark_Crump Regarding color, if the in-game filters aren’t useful enough, you might try enabling color filters in your WIndows settings. That should adjust colors across all apps and games.

I do.

They are of marginal help. On a game like Axis and Allies, they help separate out a color like Japan that is close to the USA color for me. But, it also throws off the colors of Russia.

With MMOs the problem is the color representing a type of effect. I could never tell what the color represented. I was forever not being able to tell the healing circle from the bad circle.

In XIV, this really came up when I did the Thorn trial. I died twice to a mechanic I had no idea what it was. I am guessing some pulsing effect got me? I really wish the color they used for the cone AOE bad effect they used everywhere. It was super clear to see.

It’s a little sad, but I guess it makes sense an automatic solution can only ensure color separation and nothing more.

I was surprised to see XIV not use the same ground color for every effect to be avoided. For some reason I thought of those as more of a player-facing UI element. Seeing the thematic coloring they use kind of ties it more in-character to me now.

Color blindness in games might be something I address in its own post. That said.

I rewatched a fight with commentary for Thornmarch and I am still not sure what got me, twice. This fight did use the big glowing cone and radius for one AOE effect, and a blue/purple kinda stripe for one. I saw those when the commentary mentioned it. The last phase I died, I don’t think there is a big burst AOE, which is making me wonder if someone didn’t mark the adds and I got aggro off one of them?

FFXIV so far comes the closest to color accessibility on fights. At least the markers I can see are clear and up until Thorn I didn’t have major problems. The closest was the last fight on Stone Vigil it was hard to see some of the effect. It’s also a little more forgiving on giving you time to get away. Usually I can tell the mechanic that is getting me.

Thanks. MMOs are big so I really don’t want to have to download it twice. I will wait and get the paid version once it’s on sale again somewhere.

I don’t think it is, other than downloading expansion content.

I don’t recall having another 40g download and the .exe I think was the same name.

While the game has mostly standardized on a visual language for attacks, there are occasionally different AOE colors for specific fights. I’ve never understood why sometimes you get green or red swirly effects instead of the typical red highlight and would love an explanation.

They have also started doing more telegraphed but barely marked AOEs (e.g. boss’s right arm glows before hitting the entire right side of the arena), although I guess you still got them in the hard and extreme trials in the base game. I can’t remember if Thornmarch has anything of the sort, though.

Talk about your lucky day.

I don’t think the Complete Edition has ever gone below this either, so probably a good time to snag it if you’re looking to do so.

The complete edition is what I would need to also play on PC, right? It’s the whole shebang?

The complete edition will grant you a license to the base game and all expansions on the platform you purchase it for. You also get a free 30 days for activating the base game on a platform. You can purchase PC, Mac, or PS4 (free upgrade to the PS5 version) through SE’s store.

If you want to play on PC and Mac for example you’d have to buy both PC and Mac complete editions - and would also get 60 days of game time free.


I have the Mac version but have a PC. At some point I imagine Square is going to have trouble supporting the new M1 chip, so I might as well grab it on the sale.

Unless you need any of the features of subbing, purchase the Complete Edition but then sit on it until you’ve exhausted the free trial. Then register your key and start your 30days free.

I’ve been off the free trial for a while. Just finished my “free” month, but ended up with an extra 10 days. Then this purchase.

The other thing is the PC version is more mod-friendly so I might have some fun with that.

Great, they sent me a 10% discount code for my birthday the other day, so time to finally grab Shadowbringers, which is 60% off right now!

This code is invalid for those products.


Ah well, I’ll still grab it. Maybe the 10% will work on a resub once the current free play period ends in a couple weeks… :P

Does anyone know how long the sale runs? Edit: Looks like until August 18.

Also, is the store account used to purchase the game the same account that’s used to play the game? It looks like you can purchase it using a guest account so I’m guessing the store account is different from the game account?

I’m interested in trying out FF14, but I’m still playing WoW and don’t think I’d be up to pay for two subscriptions at a time. Sounds like I can just putter around with the free FF trial until I’m done with the latest WoW 9.1 patch content.

Debating whether I should pick up the Complete edition on sale now and activate it later on, or wait until after Square releases the new expansion this November and offers a new Complete version with everything. No idea how long that would be, though.

I’m reasonably sure the store just emails you a key.

Yes, I just bought Shadowbringers from the store as a guest, and they sent me an e-mail with a link to a key, which I then redeemed in my Mog Station account using my FF14 login.

Thanks @Knightsaber for posing the deal!