Final Fantasy XIV General Discussion Thread

I am not sure if something changed in regards to capacity, but went from a 6,500+ queue last night to 22 this morning and finally got in.

Yeah, no idea here either but I gave up at 908 last night. Just before 8am, it’s now 35. Guess I’ll just change my playtime for a while.

It’s consistently been short queues in the early morning, four-digit queues after 11 AM or so and all the way through to well after midnight.

I’ve just been playing games on my second computer when I have to sit in queue in the afternoon. Before I know it, forty minutes have gone by and I’m in.

Just tried to log on three times to no avail. Error 2002, “The lobby server connection has encountered an error.” Guess I’ll try again tomorrow. Dang.

I got in this morning around 4:30 AM. Not since. Getting the same 2002 errors.


Unless you’re logging in during off hours queues are baaaaaad right now. And occasionally a 2002 error will come to screw you over, so you have to babysit it. If you get back in queue right after the 2002 error you should reclaim your place in line.

Official statement:

Insomnia FTW! :)


I am getting 2002 errors just trying to get to character select.

I got to play a lot this weekend. Not Endwalker, mind you, because I’m still in Heavensward.

In my case, I logged in in the morning, and since my time is 4 hours ahead of PST, I got nearly no queues. Yesterday, though, I got a disconnect at about 7 PM my time, and when I tried to reconnect I faced a 5000+ queue that barely moved. So no more FF14 for me after that. Welp.

Also, lots of sages and reapers everywhere in my roulette yesterday. Tank mains must be super happy with instaqueues and whatnot. ;)

Got in on Behemoth this morning after about a minute wait with a queue of only 15. Thought I saw where there is an hour and a half of maintenance this morning starting at 9:30 eastern US time.

That maintenance window is for Mogstation, I think.

About the queues:

Yup. I read it wrong.

That’s actually a pretty cool looking character…

It seems it’s an NPC I haven’t met yet… named Emet Selch? I can’t know for sure because I’m trying my best to avoid spoilers. ;)

Ah, bummer. The one thing I struggled with when I played was making a male character than I liked. That gave me hope that there was an option beyond my out-of-the-box Highlander dude.

I thought that was normal Reaper gear (i’m like Jon Snow, I know nothing).

Looks like Scholar gear to me, but I could be wrong.