Final Fantasy XIV General Discussion Thread

That is Emet’s in-game gear.

Also, tomorrow is the general release. I’m not sure how many people didn’t pre-order but the gates are wide open tomorrow.

I’ve given up trying to play for now. I’d sit in the queue, but the 2002 error means I can’t just walk away for the hour the queue is counting down.

I wonder when I’ll be able to register my full expansion code? Only tomorrow, or is it possible that it might work today after maintenance?

I bought the extension last week and it said you can register it between the 7th and 10th to continue playing. Of course, nobody’s going to stop you if you try to resister it today!

521st in the Behemoth queue at 11:30 this morning. Why aren’t all these people working for a living instead?! Me, I’m retired and should have the server to myself!

Edit - It took about 20 minutes to get to 15th in the queue. Then I got a 4004 lobby error and was booted out. Now I’m 575th in the queue. Very discouraging.

In my experience, if I got a 2002 while in the queue, if I ran the game again immediately and tried again, I’d be back at the same spot in the queue. Though it never happened really close to getting in, and there might be an edge case there, perhaps?

I was able to get in both days this weekend at around 6:30 AM. I hopped off yesterday morning to get some work done and came back to a 5,600 queue around lunch time. By the time I had loaded up another game to bide my time, I heard the FFXIV game music and had magically got in. Maybe everyone else ahead of me got a 2002 error. I’ll give it a few more tries this week, but hopefully things even out soon so that this isn’t just a weekend morning game.

It should go back to normal (?) in a few weeks time. At least I hope so. ;)

Ok, so CD keys for Endwalker can be redeemed already on Mogstation. I know that because this was posted today on the Lodestone:

I tested by redeeming my own cd key and it worked fine, thankfully. Not sure if I’ll be able to play the game today, but at least that part is already dealt with. ;)

I’ve been looking forward to picking this up but I’m planning on sitting out a week or two after full release before trying. Given how loaded I heard the servers were months before the expansion, I figured this one was gonna be hell!

Well, I am myself a newcomer. I started playing late October and never had any queue issues… until now. So there’s that.

Poor phrasing on my part. I didn’t mean there were issues previously, just that I heard the servers were pretty full since the big WoW exodus. Given those months before a MMO expansion are usually pretty dead, I figured when the expansion launched there was going to be a real crush.

Yah, I thought that too.

WoW shit itself at the worst time for Square. In the middle of a pandemic and during a global chip shortage. They tried throwing money at the problem months ago but couldn’t secure the hardware.

The lobby server can only support 17k people logging in, and that is for the entire datacenter; not just the world.

Wow, for the whole datacenter? In that case, I’m surprised it’s not a LOT worse.

5pm, 2.1k queue.

Gonna be a long few weeks.

Can’t even get to the lobby on Behemoth right now.

Got in the lobby, about 2500 to go. Got down to 1 and then got an error 4004.

Now back at a 3.300+ queue. Nice.

They did a quick maintenance this morning to try and resolve the lobby errors. Including bringing their development lobby servers into production.

And apparently all servers will be offline at some time tomorrow, for about 4 hours. Exact time to be determined.

In the early morning of Wednesday, December 8, we will be conducting maintenance across all Worlds to address server errors aside from those mentioned above, as well as a few issues that can be resolved on the server side. This requires all servers to go offline and is estimated to take about four hours to complete. Details on maintenance timing will be announced in the future. I’d like to ask for your understanding and cooperation regarding this matter as well.


It’s been taking me about an hour and a half to login in the evenings. I’ve been playing other things in a window so I can keep an eye on the queue in case it disconnects… As @rhamorim says, I get back to the same place in the queue as long as I log back in quickly, but that means I pretty much have to be at my computer watching the whole time.

Endwalker is quite good so far. I finished the first dungeon Sunday night and wrapped up that “chapter” last night. (No spoilers but, like Shadowbringers, there is a nice scene of relaxation at an inn to add a beat between story segments.) Not sure I’m sold on the characters who seem to be the villains, though. Hopefully their motivations become less one dimensional as the story progresses.