Final Fantasy XIV General Discussion Thread

I will wait a bit before trying this expansion. No reason to rush now and get saturated servers.

Text changed:

On Tuesday, December 7, we will be conducting maintenance across all Worlds to address server errors aside from those mentioned above, as well as a few issues that can be resolved on the server side. This requires all servers to go offline and is estimated to take about four hours to complete. Details on maintenance timing will be announced in the future.

So, basically during prime time since we are already on December 7.

I suppose it must be after 11 pm PST. Most likely it will be like, 1 am PST or something. We’ll see.

They better be up by 5:30 AM EST or there’ll be hell to pay!

1 AM PST is December 8.

I know. But it said 8 originally, and I still think that’s more likely. Maybe they changed to 7 to mean “we’re doing this ASAP”.

It’s one of the odder downtime notices, for sure.

“sometime today we are taking the servers down for 4 hours. Not sure when.”

That’s the sleep deprivation talking.

Maintenance will happen from 10 PM - 2 AM PST. So in roughly 3 hours.

There was no disruption to me so I approve whatever maintenance window occurred.

Another 14 days of free game time for players subscribed as of this coming Tuesday. Suspending sales of the game and all new advertising until the congestion dies down a bit. Good news is they’re making headway on acquiring more servers and plan to put out a roadmap next month.

I am still getting close to 2k queues at night on Bryn. Other than running a few quests at lunch, I’ve given up for a bit.

I haven’t even tried to log in since my last message here… 9 days ago? Yikes!

I was really enjoying the story, but I have no desire to face the queue times. Maybe I’ll play some during the day while I’m off next week…

Working at home let me queue up in advance and as a result I haven’t had too many issues getting into the game what I wanted to. The only problem I’ve had is when I log out in the early evening and then try to get back on 30 or 45 minutes later. It does feel like the queues are getting a bit shorter though.

This is my last week of work for the year so I was planning on some FF14 quality time over the next two weeks but looks like I may not even be able to buy it in that timeframe! :)

They said that restriction was going to work its way through the supply chain so it’s possible you can still find it somewhere and purchase it.

I’ve mostly been playing on days off, since I can log in when I get up in the morning and have the two-digit queues I’m used to instead of a four-digit queue.

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind! Right now my thinking is: if they’re still restricting retail sales, the servers are probably still crushed and I should probably find something else to play. Thankfully I have a few options on that front, but as my vacation goes on I might find myself wanting to pull the trigger and try to hunt down a copy. :)

If you have free time during the day, say on vacation, then queues will probably not be much of an issue. The queues get bad at prime time in the evenings. I find it annoying but not bad enough to prevent me from playing the game if I think I had a little (like for instance if I get in the queue at 6:30 when I really want to play around 730). You have to plan ahead to decide when you want to play. That might not work for some people but it doesn’t bother me.