Final Fantasy XVI - Crystals have shaped our history long enough

More details from reddit:

  • 60 fps is an option
  • 11 hours of cutscenes across a ~35 hour game
  • The developers “would like” to do a PC release - interpreted by most to mean it won’t be ready after the 6 month exclusivity window

For me, that’s no change from before. I’ll buy it on PS5 as long as performance is tolerable.

With apologies to those who don’t like the action game focus, here’s a good breakdown from a DMC player:

It’s interesting how many combat mechanics are converging across multiple Japanese action RPG developers, like breaking stamina, obliteration techniques, kaiju battles, and just dodge/parry mechanics. This one has the combat director from DMC5 but someone in the comments reminded me that Square collaborated with Team Ninja as well.

That could be notable in light of the comments about the term JRPG and the self-reflection that industry underwent more than a decade ago:

Speaking for myself, I’m certainly happy they landed on beat ‘em ups as their strategy to inject life into the genre!

We heard you complaining that the first demo was too dark so we put Clive in the desert.

This has the same energy as Batman out in the daylight. Too spoilery for me so I only skimmed the video.

Honestly, this video restored a lot of my interest in the game. I mean, it’s a main line Final Fantasy game, I was always going to play it (and starting with 7 I always feel let down by them as I learn about the game in development, until I play it and realize it’s actually great, so I don’t know why I expected a different outcome for this game) but seeing the equipment and crafting stuff, the (interesting but shuffled away quickly) ability screen, setting up how you can use the accessability accessories to make things easier, and most importantly seeing you do indeed have (at least at certain points in the story) characters that travel with you that fight by your side, it all looked really fun. Also the game looks gorgeous, so that helps.

Really? So then FF 15 is pretty good then? It seemed to get a cold reception from many so I stayed away basically.

I’m assuming FF 11 and 14 are exceptions, unless you’re a fan of MMOs as well Scott? I don’t hang out in MMO threads, so I’m not sure if you’re in there.

Yep, 15 same story - not what I wanted but aside from the very last part of the game (which suddenly felt like a different game - I read they addressed/fixed this later but I only played at launch before you could even control your party members) I did end up having a lot of fun with it.

FF11 was fun but at the end of the day I don’t really like MMOs so no, I don’t really consider them main line. 14 is pretty great fun for an MMO though. Probably my favorite MMO. Which is probably not the praise it might seem like.

I was trying to think of something I could play next while I wait for my next big titles (like AoW4 or Zelda TotK) to drop and this got me wondering if it’s time for me to replay this. I only played at launch, like I think I mentioned, so I didn’t get to play after they revamped the entire combat system to let you control your teammates directly as well as when they redid the final section of the game and fleshed out the story with more narrative to explain what the hell is going on (among, I believe, a myriad of other updates and fixes, plus all the DLC that came out post-launch I missed). And I thought it would be fun to get on PC since I could play it on Steam Deck (and my fancy new OLED monitor), so I went looking for deals and if you (or anyone) is interested GreenManGaming has this 60% off (when signed in) for a total of $14, which seemed like a great deal.

I played it for just a few minutes before I had to head out to work and it’s gorgeous and playes super freaking smooth (the default preset for me on a 3080 was Highest/120fps) and I dug it immediately just getting back into it (how Sid’s grand daughter dresses at the autoshop notwithstanding!) and I can’t wait to climb back into this and see if I can replay it all the way to the credits again.

Ugh. Fortunately there is a workshop fix for this:

I really keep meaning to go back to this one.

I’m skipping this because I’m already in on the game regardless. Some may want to watch though…

5PM today.

Watched it. Looks great. Has some major Asura’s Wrath vibes. Here’s the 4K version of the presentation:

There’s an Izuna Drop and the training mode has a toggle to display inputs.

One of the neatest features of Final Fantasy 16 is something called Active Time Lore. You can pause the game at any moment — even and especially during cutscenes — to bring this screen up with a click of the touchpad, and it gives you helpful little capsule bios of all the characters in a scene, plus notes on the location, the factions involved, any concepts the characters are discussing, and any jargon they’re using. It’s like the X-Ray feature on Amazon Prime Video that can tell you the name of a character actor that looks familiar, but for arcane video game lore.

It’s useful. It’s also quite necessary, because Final Fantasy 16 has a byzantine setting that confused even its own developers to begin with.

One month until the PS5 release now. I hope the PC version to follow not too many months/years later.

Max did an impressions video with lots of details. But who cares about all that. What you really want to know is the framerate.

He said for the build he played, exploration was locked to 30 and it switched to 60 when combat started. Performance mode of course. He mentioned they were still demoing older builds where combat was at 30 too, so it’s possible they’re continuing to make improvements and weren’t ready to unlock the framerate for exploration yet. Cross your fingers.

I gotta say, I’d rather it be months/years later if (that’s a big if) it meant that it was a good port instead of a lot of the schlock AAA developers have been releasing on PC lately.

They demoed the game at PAX and exploration was 60fps in that version.

Good to hear, I missed that round of updates. It seems like Square Enix took a methodical approach to performance optimization.

Clive Must Die.

The Clive may cry.

But must he style?

Demo soon? It’s starting to appear in the store for some people. No download yet.