Finally, a candidate for Dungsroman and Whitta

This has probably already hit all the popular internet link sites you guys frequent, but just in case, here’s video proof that even Dungsroman and Whitta can be properly represented in the government:

Ron Kind …
[ul][li] Promotes old men masturbating? CHECK!
[/li][li] Approves of studies about bisexual eskimos! CHECK!
[/li][li] Paying teenage girls to watch pornos with electrodes attached! CHECK![/ul]
[/li]Wrong kind? Ron Kind!

His opponent sounds really dweeby.

Sounds kinda like Conan O’Brien’s “nerd” voice.

The funniest part is… that ad isn’t even the original. It started down in the South from a totally batshit Republican’s campaign, and other Republicans have just been changing the voiceover. The electrodes, genitalia and all.

Also, I would like to add, a government that does not fund the study of what turns chicks on is an unjust kleptocracy. No taxation without titillation!

“I’m Poul R. Nelson and I collect the World of Warcraft Collectible Card Game.”

Don’t ever compare me to Dungsroman again.