Finally. A champion for us regular people

A Mr. Everyman we can all get behind. A millionaire, personal injury attorney who is just like you and me. And its not even Mr. Sterling, expertly played by the gifted Josh Brolin.

Yep, you heard me right. Dem. Senator John Edwards, NC is running for the presidency and we are all going to the better for it.

He entered and I have heard his catch phrase, “champion for the regular people”, approx. 500 times within the last 5 hours. Not sure why I even posted a link. All of you must have heard about this at least as many times as I have if not more. He was sitting with his mother, excuse me, wife on the Today show and the first words, you guessed it, “I just want to be champion for the regular people.” Why is he getting so much press? If this was the J-Lo Ben Affleck wedding date announcement I could understand the media frenzy, but its just another guy that is going to lose to Bush Jr.

Can I already be sick of the 2004 presidential race? Is it too early to be off put by the new herd of candidates the Demos. are parading in front of us?

If he really wants to come across to “regular people”, then he should ditch this “I’m forming an exploratory committee” crap and just say it in plainspeak: “I’m runing for president.”

“Exploratory committee” makes him sound like a DC beaurocrat, and we know just how much “regular people” love them.

Also, something that should be a red flag for democrats: Four of the last five presidents came to Washington as governors.

W., Texas
Clinton, Arkansas
Reagan, California
Carter, Georgia

“Regular people” look at senators and all they see are DC insiders. Which, like I said, the “exploratory committee” language doesn’t help. Ditch the fancy language and talk plainly to folks. 'Cause W. is gonna work his plainspeak all the way to a 2nd term if the Democrats keep up this garbage.

Exactly. He says how down to Earth he is going to be and yet he will not say what he is actually going to do until the results from his polling and focus groups come back.

Anyone from the home of the Dean Dome care to chime in on our savior?

Well, on the surface, he looks like an ideal candidate…

Handsome southerner (the last two Dem presidents came from the South; the party has learned its lesson about running New England liberals), good family (beautiful wife, gorgeous college-age daughter, a couple of young tots), tragedy (his eldest son was killed in a freak car accident when the wind tossed his jeep over), etc.

But he’s a trial lawyer, and we all know where “regular people” put lawyers on their circle of hell. And he’s a relative rookie… the only public office he has held is his Senate seat, and that’s only been since 1998. In other words, he’s still in his first term. That and he’s a relative unknown outside of North Carolina. Then again, if his opposition to the Democratic nomination is gong to be Howard Dean of Vermont, then Edwards has got the bigger name recog at this point.

Don’t even get me started about Joe “video games are evil” Lieberman. If there’s any democrat who is gonna drive away the geek vote, it’s him.

Edwards came into office in 1998 with a great deal of hype, and I think that people around the country expected a lot more than a junior senator from the minority party for most of his term can be expected to give. I hear the ‘empty suit’ term from a great deal of leftist rags online, and I can’t say that kind of comment is unwarranted, given his lack of outspokeness in his first term. Then again, how many senators come into office loudmouthed and wanting their way in everything? None, your first term as a senator (especially if you don’t come from a congressional or gubenatorial background) is spent serving on committees and voting the party line (which Edwards did 95% of the time).

Edwards himself is a very smart, capable politician, however. His policy views are left of center (for what that means in American these days), much in the same vein of Bill Clinton. He is smart enough to know when to fudge the party lines to get the meaty center vote, but never comes across as going so far that he alienates the base Democratic geographics.

Here’s a collection of policy papers at Senator Edwards’ website:

However, I will say this-he’s not ready to run for President yet, and certainly not ready to run against Karl Rove and the Mighty Wurlitzer. He needs to slag through a reelection campaign that where he’ll be a prime target for a GOP capture (although he’ll still probably get relected). He’ll still be youngish and charming (something that the suburbanites LOVE, apparently) then, and he’ll have the connections and influence to get through the primaries and have a real shot at the office.

Personally, I’d rather vote for my former Senator (Bob Graham - FL) over Edwards. He’d be a great President, IMO.

Exactly. W and Rove will go after Edwards and have a ball with it. Say what you will about W., but he was able to point out that he ran Texas for 2 terms, whereas what can a Senator say? “I sat on this committee and voted this way and that on these bills.”

W. is gonna win that fight, especially with his political svengali Rove.

Edwards is not ready for prime time.

The Democrats really need to seize the opportunity Time reported last month. Wesley Clark, the former Supreme Commander of NATO and a Rhodes Scholar, met with a bunch of party bigwigs and donars and said he’s thinking about running. Maybe he’s not presidential material, but putting him as a vice president would be a very comforting thing to a nation looking for war leaders.

The Democrats CANNOT WIN if they do not address National Security and terrorism. And right now, Howard Dean and John Edwards and Joe Lieberman look like complete wusses next to W.

Has John Kerry thrown his hat in yet? I thought he had.

I have heard a couple of pundits state that 2004 is going to serve as a house cleaning. All these people who have flirted with running and have muddied the waters (Lieberman, Kerry, for the Dems will run, lose, and then 2008 will be a clean slate. Basically, dead weight to be revealed as unsuitable candidates in an election year they do not expect to win in any case. Just a theory. Sounds just as likely as anything else with this bunch of stiffs.

Don’t even get me started about Joe “video games are evil” Lieberman. If there’s any democrat who is gonna drive away the geek vote, it’s him.

That’s one thing (among many) I hated about the Gore/Lieberman ticket. Lieberman with the anti-game tirades and Tipper Gore with her old campaign to save our children from dirty words in rock and rap music. Yeesh! What a pair they would have been. How far behind would anti-lesbian porn legislation have been?

I haven’t read Clark’s book (which I’ve been meaning to do), but I’d be deaf not to hear the rumblings from the press about a possible VP slot for him. I’m not entirely against it, but I know better than to think that a military man is an automatic good for the candidate-even in these times of color-coded terror and war, it’s better to have someone who knows the issues and isn’t afraid to play hardball politics when need me.

If Clark can do those two things, then he’s a great candidate for VP, despite my desire that a woman or a minority get some representation from a party that champions their casuses (and gets a great deal of votes from).

Tyjenks: Kerry threw in the oh-so-tepid ‘exploratory committee’ hat about a month ago on Meet The Press. He was very convincing and eloquent, and certainly seemed credible enough on all the issues that he was presented with. He also has a not-so-small personal fortune, which he might need if the DLC types start pitching for Edwards in the primary season like I think they will.

Edwards has to be planning on a Southern strategy of his own (no, not that kind Trent). He’s probably going to try to be repsectable in NH, try to win in Iowa, and make his big stand in South Carolina and on Super Tuesday. Not unlike Bush against McCain, for that matter.

John Edwards is cast from the Clintonmold ™, which was dusted off after the Democrats got a whooping in the last election. They figure if they can’t win on issues, they can win on charm and bullshit.

But it seems a bit early to me. Most folks will be quite sick of John Edwards by the time he’s supposed to become relevant – and it doesn’t seem likely his personal life will hold up to such lengthy scrutiny.

Jennifer M. Granholm. Michigan’s new governor. She’d be ideal for the Dems in 2008 if not for the small little fact that she was born in Canada. Otherwise, she’s got it all. Former beauty queen. Graduated from Cal Berkley and law degree from Harvard. Great family values.

And the only minority that’s known to be gunning for 2004 is Al Sharpton, and it will be a very, very, very cold day in hell before I vote for that guy. Not because he’s black, but because he is insane.

Wes Clark isn’t your usual military guy. He was born Jewish, but then his father died shortly after he was born and his mother remarried a Christian in Arkansas and he took his name, Clark. In fact, Clark didn’t even know he was Jewish until much later in life, and he’s been raised Christian. He was first in his class at West Point, saw action in Vietnam, got sent to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, and was one of the Army’s fast up-and-comers. The only real problem is that the Army tends to look at Rhodes Scholars a bit suspiciously, like they’re TOO smart for their own good.

But Clark fought his way up and got command of NATO, and he got stuck having to win the Kosovo war that Clinton and Albright started, and then got shafted when Clinton and the Pentagon refused to commit on ground troops until the very end. It was only when the serious threat of ground troops was entered into the equation that Slobo and his goons caved.

The Pentagon also shafted Clark pretty bad, dragging their feet on the deployment of Apaches in the war. The tension was bad enough that they forced Clark out of his NATO post early, and he retired.

So Clark is a very smart guy. He won the war we asked him to win despite the fact that the political leaders and the Pentagon were practically fighting him every step along the way. Then those political and military leaders forced him out early. He’s not cozy with The Generals, so that might alleviate any fears you have of him being just another military neoconservative.

Of course, we don’t know where he stands on the issues, though he’s probably a conservative or moderate Democrat. And he’s never held public office. But he has a helluva resume. That’s why I like him backing the ticket as the VP. He can reassure the vast number of voters who are worried about national security, much like the way having Cheney on the ticket solidified the ultra-conservatives into supporting W.

But it seems a bit early to me. Most folks will be quite sick of John Edwards by the time he’s supposed to become relevant

Hell. I am already sick of him.

I just heard Daschle is probably running, too. Are his parents even going to vote for him? Daschle seems like one of the most partisan office holding politicians in the country. Half the moderate dems would not vote for him, IMO, and Republicans, never. How in the world does he think he will even get the Democratic nomination much less the presidency?

Daschle’s worthless. He must surround himself with some awfully fine bootlickers to have the delusion that he has a prayer in the presidential run. Or maybe he’s just looking to make a little extra spending money on the campaign trail…

Hillary’ll be running. Two women in one presidential primary. That would be great. All the shrieking and yelling and arguing and then there would be Granholm and Hillary. :)

Of course, we don’t know where he stands on the issues, though he’s probably a conservative or moderate Democrat. And he’s never held public office. But he has a helluva resume. That’s why I like him backing the ticket as the VP. He can reassure the vast number of voters who are worried about national security, much like the way having Cheney on the ticket solidified the ultra-conservatives into supporting W.

Thanks for the fact sheet on Clark… One to watch I guess.

Routlaw, I think I heard Kerry is one of the richest folks in DC. Billionaire like numbers.

Granholm would be perfect, but she was born Canadian, and the Constitution doesn’t allow foreign-born Presidents. (McCain counts, even though he was born in Panama, because his parents were Americans and his father was down there on military service at the time.)

Kerrey married Teresa Heinz, the widow of Sen. John Heinz who was killed in a helicopter crash. So Kerrey has access to the Heinz family fortune, made off of ketchup and such.

Kerry is ultrarich because of his wife (Heinz, yes that Heinz).

I like what I have seen of the Edwards’ guy so far. We’ll see how things go. With what Bush got away with during the 2000 campaign, Edwards would need to have a dead body in his background to be disqualified for a non-issue related reason.


I loved that in the 2000 election! You could tell that the conseratives wanted to go after Gore for smoking pot a lot in the 70’s, but they couldn’t because their boy snorted coke in the 80’s. It was an issue of mutally assured destruction for 'em!

I think it’s great that John Edwards is running. We need a president who can talk with our dead relatives.

Will Arnold Schwarzenegger be running for President ? I’d vote for him !

(Oh wait - isn’t there a rule that the President must have been born in the US ?)

Yeah, the Constitution places two rules on who can be president.

  1. Gotta be at least 35
  2. Gotta be a born in the United States. You can’t be a naturalized citizen. That don’t count.

A one-term senator is a Washington insider?