Finally a reason to attack Iraq I can get behind

taken from news section:

Iraq Crisis Restrains Mad Max

Work on the latest Mad Max film has been halted due to a possible conflict with Iraq. The fourth installment of the action franchise - Fury Road - was set to start filming in Namibia in July, but cautious Fox executives want to wait until the Middle East situation has calmed before the project goes ahead. Chairman Jim Gianopulos says, “Any time you do a show like this, it is a massive undertaking with enormous prep time. In this case, it is about the movement of huge vehicles and a mass of people, and with the pending war and all the potential logistical consequences, we had the latitude to wait and let some of this stuff blow over before going into full-bore production.” Both original star Mel Gibson and director George Miller are signed to do the picture and are determined to film the blockbuster in Namibia. A release date of summer 2004 is in place but will be adapted according to when the production can get underway.

What the hell? Namibia is in sub-Saharan Africa. What do they care about a war way out there in Iraq? I’m calling bull on this one.

My guess is that Mel Gibson wanted more money…


I blame an orange eating kangaroo from Denmark.

Iraq is getting blamed for all sorts of stuff these days. My favorite:

Iraq Shares Blame For Plan To Shrink Library, Bush Says

Basically Saddam must hate books, or something…*

Anyone else think this whole thing is going just a little bit too far?

[size=2]* Maybe the “smart” Bush kid hates books, too, since smart people can realize how to vote?[/size]

Bush knows how to read?

This is Jeb. Anyone named “Jeb” is whip-smart.