Finally getting around to replacing flooded stuff (need help on tv & receiver)

I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since our basement flooded, but I need to get my butt in gear and finish out our insurance claims.

We have about $1,600 in depreciated electronics that were destroyed. What this means is we got very Little “up-front” and we only get full reimbursement once we replace the items (or combined goods which is what we’re doing) and send in the receipts. If we don’t make a claim for the $1,600 depreciation - we lose it.

We sit 13 feet from the tv. So a nice 40" or 42" would be good. I’m thinking it needs to be plasma or LCD since we wouldn’t be able to handle the bulb cost of those other units.

Receiver I was thinking of this Yamaha (see link). Big reason is because when iTunes first opened I stupidly bought all my music through it and it sounds crappy on my current system. Supposedly they have a decoder that helps make compressed audio sound more full again

Thanks, and if any of you don’t have replacement value on your home/rental insurance… get it. It’s worth the extra couple hundred bucks a year.

I think a 42" plasma would be great in the basement, since you’re dealing with a theater-like environment wrt lighting.

Panasonic FTW, totally.

Yamaha makes great budget receivers, but I’ve seen some killer deals on Onkyos which are a notch above, IMO. I’m dubious about any post-processing for compressed audio, and anything bought on the iTunes store should sound decent on any non-crappy stereo.

I’ll dig up some specific model recommendations when I get a chance. Do you need speakers, any other equipment, or do you have $1,600 that can ONLY be used for the TV and receiver?

Receiver: onkyo tr-sx605
TV: sharp aquos LC-42D43U

It can be used on anything that’s deemed “electronic home entertainment”… We will need a DVD player too, but I wanted to focus on the things I know the least about. I didn’t know how much could be crammed into that $1,600 figure.

$250 - Onkyo TX-SR506 - 3 HDMI inputs
$1264 - Panasonic 50" Plasma
$70 - Philips DVP5982/37 Upconverting DVD player

Everything, with shipping, will come up a hair under $1600.

And don’t buy any HDMI cables that cost more than $10 for 6 feet.

Unless you need to make up the difference to get above the $1600 figure so that you can make your claim.

Wow. That is awesome Mach5 & Stusser. I do have a question about plasma tv’s since I’m a neohpyte. Is burn-in still a problem with newer models? Also, I’d read something a while ago about Plasma’s color degrading over time - sometimes in as little as 5 years. Is that an Old Wive’s tale, or is that a real concern?

The Onkyo receiver - is that a better receiver than the Yamaha I listed? What makes them so good? Is it the DAC’s or sound algorithms they use?

Thanks so much! :-)

Burn-in isn’t a problem anymore, and for the gases to degrade noticeably on a plasma you’d need to watch it 8 hours per day for 5 years or something ridiculous.

Also, plasmas do require a “burn-in” phase, which isn’t to be confused with phosphor burn-in. Essentially, you need to break it in, kind if like piston rings in a new engine build.

Oh, and plasmas suck about 50% more electricity than an LCD of the same size, so if you’re a nutter about the environment or really concerned about your electic bill (oh no, that TV will cost you $4.50 per month to operate instead of $3!), then you might opt for LCD instead.

Stusser’s choice of LCD is pretty solid, but being a size queen myself, I’m partial to this one:

Under $1200 shipped, 47", and 1080p to boot. From what I hear, the upsampling of non-HD content on this screen is really solid, and it’s got a buttload of other features too.