Finally going gray. Yeehaw! Death, here I come!

I’m pushing 38 (birthday on 8/11) and I’ve been wondering for years when the gray was going to show up. Found one gray hair a few months ago, but just one could be a fluke.

Well, sitting on the couch with my wife this morning, she said, “Wow, you’ve got some gray hairs!”

“No way. Prove it.”

Pluck pluck pluck, and I’ve got five gray hairs in my hand. OK, yep, it’s true. FINALLY! No more suspense! Death is on the horizon, baby! Or at least, a good ol’ midlife crisis :-D

Actually, I’m not feeling too crisis-ridden. My wife being about to deliver kid #2 helps a lot – at least I popped the offspring just in time to blame all the gray hair on them! And these days, who knows how much life expectancy might extend? I’m hoping / planning for age 40 to be just the first third of the ol’ lifespan…

Are you talking about gray hairs on your head, in your nose, in your ear, or around your crotch?

Head, you sick fucker.

I’d rather to gray than bald. I think. Or is bald cool now? Whatever, I shave my head with a 1/8" guard now, so it doesn’t really matter.

Pffft. Then get back to us when you REALLY get old (and have a happy birthday!)

I got my first gray hairs two years ago at the age of 22. I’m guessing that by the age of 38 I’ll be ghost-white.

Hey, at least you’re doing better than my brother, who started getting regular patches of gray in his beard at 28.

(Edit: Repo, that is. Kaigen is just plain doomed.)

Bah, i started going gray, but its started in places where the sun don’t shine, and i’m only 28.

I started going gray at 19, it’s never meant much age-wise.

Then, the beard started to go…

I was gray at 14. Seriously.

I’ve had a buddy who has been getting grey hairs since he was a kid. He hair is jet black, and he’d have maybe ten grey hairs at a time, but they’d stick out so much. They were more like fishing line that grey hairs - almost as if they were translucent.

Anyone even seen a red head going grey? I can’t think of one.

The real test is when you ask people to guess your age, and the mean estimate starts to creep from the 20s into the 30s… and then into the 40s.

I’m still “late 20’s / early 30s” as long as I shave my beard and keep my hair short! (keeps those grays at bay)

I had a few gray hairs at ~17, but it never turned into a crisis. I’m 37 now and have a bit more salt in my pepper, but it’s not too bad.

my mum and grandad were red-heads and they’ve gone grey. I’m assuming I will. Unless the genetic treatments come out in the next few years. Then I’ll go green fluro with polkadots.

WTF does it look like? Oh, and were they true gingers, or just day walkers?

Mine actually is spreading, albeit slowly. It’s not terribly visible - I couldn’t really spot them easily even after someone made me aware of it, and I generally have to point it out to people (“Huh? Oh yeah! You DO have gray hair!”) But I’ve just started to notice a few up top, and the sides are just starting to get easily visible.

I probably get it from my mom - she’s been dying her hair really dark (almost black) for years, but if she didn’t it would be completely white. My dad and I have actually tried to convince her to let it go, but she’s not hearing any of it. I completely plan to just let mine go as it will. Now, if I start losing hair, then it’s all getting shaved off, but I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon.

34, here. I kinda liked the skunk stripe it looked like I was getting, but now it’s not so much a “stripe” as a “poorly-defined swath”. It was when the beard started turning that I felt old. I kinda hope it all just goes white. Maybe I can grow a beard and pull off the Malcom-McDowell-as-Linderman look.

I have a few grey hairs at 28. My dad was fully grey at 35. My brother who is 32 is salt and pepper grey (about 60% grey). So its genes.

Of course I dye my hair blonde about every 4 to 5 months so I’m not planning on really showing my grey hair until much later in life.

Think about it repo, it started when you stopped gaming…

I’ve had gray hairs here and there on my head for years now. Doesn’t really mean anything.