Finally got HDTV!

Yeah, I’m slow. I went with the Cox digital cable and HD package that, after a bundle discount, costs less than 2 bucks more a month. Dammit, I should have done this long ago!

How is it? Well, there’s not that many channels yet, but what there is is fooking awesome! Spent sunday afternoon watching all kinds of sports in HD and it just kicked ass! The sharpness, clarity, depth of field, etc of HD is just spectacular! Regular TV sucks badly by comparison.

Discovery HD, PBS, Universal HD, INHD, ESPN and the networks have some very nice looking stuff. Even watched American Idol last night, cuz it looked so good. (Now I’ve totally joined mainstream society, I guess?)

Gonna get more use out of the 42" Toshiba now…(1080i) If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them.

How much did you pay?
Where did you buy your unit from?
Why did you decide against 1080p?
What did you have before?
Are you happy with your screen size?
Television aside, do you notice much of a difference when it comes to gaming (assuming you have a 360 or a PS3)?

Why didn’t you post this is Hardware and Technical Stuff where 99.9% of the HDTV discussions happen?

You should totally buy a PS3 so you can watch some Blu-Ray movies!

I’m focusing on the groovy experience more than the hardware.

I had the HD capable TV for about 3 years, paid $1500 back then. I bought it from Onecall and had it delivered. The TV doesn’t support 1080p and Cox only supports 1080i anyway. What did I have before? A monstrous 30" CRT TV. The 42" screensize is perfect for our Den. No fancypants next-gen console.

I’m not backing VHS or Betamax at this point.

That’s ok. Got an xbox? Quite a few games support 720p and/or 1080i. Also, mod it, put XBMC on it, set XBMC to default to 1080i at startup, and prepare to drool. A bit. Then feel dried up when you realize that the poor old xbox is not powerful enough to play any real HD video files (i.e. anything higher than 480p). Then drool again as you play any known (or unknown) music files from teh netz, and watch the lightshow (hit the Y button).

I just recently got HD thru Directv. And man, are there some weird HD channels in the upper reaches of their listings (like in the 9000’s).

For some odd reason, there’s a whole channel dedicated to showing all the cutscenes in video games, edited together to make a semi-coherent story. Games really really need better writing.

Also one that’s just about collecting stuff. Fishing lures, anime, shoes, whatever. That one is strangely compelling television.

Apropos of nothing, just wanted to share.

MS is incapable of doing anything in Hardware and Tech except troll Microsoft threads. Give him a break!

If you want to see some top-notch HD programming, make sure to catch DiscoveryHD’s Planet Earth series.

Caught a couple already. Stunning!

Dammit! I still can’t get HD. I only have one option for cable, Charter, and they still don’t offer it in my area. And apparently there isn’t anywhere to mount a dish on my condo since it’s stucco with a and Spanish tile roof.

And I believe I have the 52" model of Midnight Son’s TV. I’ve had mine for well over 2 years now.