Finally made it to Vermont

Drove across country in 4.5 days.

Wow, I forgot how beautiful it is here. And the air is fresh, too. Now to get off of this crappy 56k and onto hi-speed and everything will be as it was.

Oh, and I guess I need to find a job. Whatever.

Where are we having Shoot Club again :D


Is that your old home state? What took you back? Sorry if I just missed that elsewhere :)

It’s the only state of the union where the state pays part of the cost of sex change operations…


Welcome to the Green Mountain State! Finding work here ain’t easy, but it’s truly God’s country, especially in the autumn. Where are you living? The cost of housing up here can be brutal.

Vermont is indeed my homestate. I was living in San Francisco, home of the truly outrageous housing market. My wife and I decide to move back shortly after our daughter was born. Since my wife gave up her job to take care of the baby, my single income wasn’t enough to sustain the quality of life we were looking for.

In addition, I was starting to think about a career change, so it’s good-bye TV Producer, hello high school teacher. Well, I need to get certified first, but I’m sure with my video game playing experience, I’ll be a shoe-in :wink:

I’m in Burlington right now and we’ll probably stay in the area for a while.

Drop me an email sometime, Greg, and we’ll meet up ([email protected]). After you get settled in and stuff.

I still say Denny’s place is the best for VT Shoot Club. He’s got like wireless networking and shit, and we can set up downstairs and not bother Dawn and the baby too much. ;)

My apartment is much too small.

I’m game, but not for a while… We’re still weathering the flood of baby-gawking relatives and once they’re gone, I don’t think anyone’s going to be allowed in the house for a couple of months. :-)

Yeah, babies really crank the stuff out. Proportionally, it seems like the highest fecal production level in the human life.

Yeah, but it’s amazingly benign at this age. No stink, and very easy to clean up.

The danger from male babies comes from the built-in water cannon. So far I’ve remained unscathed, but he’s scored two perfect hits on my poor wife.

I share your sentiments about the Bay Area, Greg. We’re thinking about BC :)

My 2.5 year old daughter pooped in the potty for the first time on Saturday. I got all choked up. My wife thought it was pride, but I was actually teared up with joy at the prospect of not having to rinse underwear in the toilet any longer.

You’ve got some very intimate poop encounters coming Denny.

Ha, ha. Wait until you find yourself in a meeting with your peers at work and you look down and notice “someone” has spit up on your shoulder and managed to pee on most of your buttons.

It happened to me, but I think I must have just hung up a dirty shirt. ;) Although I was so incredibly sleepy the first six months, one of the kids could have anointed me on my way out the door and I just didn’t notice.

This is no joke. Do all kids this age love to show off their poops? We are talking major bonding here. Mine are about 4 and they have just recently stopped dragging the ususpecting Uncle or Aunt into the bathroom by the finger. “Come here. Got something to show you.”

I have some younger siblings who don’t have kids who didn’t quite know what to make of this encounter. “uh, cool. Ok, yeah. Yep. Lets go find your daddy.”

At about 1 month, my daughter had this habit of projectile pooping if you opened her diaper before she was done. Hearing me scream from the baby room was an endless source of amusement for my wife.

The fun is just beginning, Denny. When you’re back on track (a couple months sounds right), maybe we’ll start a VT Shoot Club.

Jason, I’ll contact you when I’m more settled.

That was me… forgot to login.