Finally, Rimbo's favourite references Qt3

The thread title is funnier than that strip. Hell, Kalle’s gamertag is funnier than that strip.


Oh, I got the reference, which is a decent in-joke.
The strip itself, however, is abysmal. Not at all a comment on your taste, sir.

Hey, is it possible to put [QuestionableContent] on the title of any thread where the first post just pastes in a QC strip?




Lots of “The horror …” reactions. Seems familiar.

tapir is the word programmatically used as a substitute by the site admins for a rude word for female genitalia. if you wrote the rude word, your post would by altered automiatically to read “tapir.”

I know that. I thought he was saying the comic made an in-joke. I used to read it before it turned terrible, so I was curious.

cunty Mccuntsmith
Cuntstein and Mr. Finklecunt

Well good cunt to you too, Sir!

Wtf, man!?!

it really depends on the tapir whether it’s cute or not

I’m not big on hairless tapirs, personally.

Me neither. I certainly appreciate a well-groomed tapir, but bare skin on a tapir just doesn’t look right to my eyes.

Oh no, more tapirs!

Wow, that’s really terrible. Jeph should take a break.

The anti-semitic ones from the other thread are still way funnier than the real ones.