Finally the greatest movie ever is actually recognized as such!

Sight & Sound and the British Film Institute–who have become curators of this sort of thing–have dethroned Citizen Kane from its perch as the Greatest Film Of All Time.

That’s right, Orson Welles fanbois and Mercury Theatre apologists, suck it! The real greatest film ever made has finally been recognized as such. Come on down, Vertigo! You deserve it, you really do!

(In 1996 the newly hand-restored print of Vertigo got a limited release, and I got a chance to see it at the Hi Pointe theater in St. Louis County, one of the great old, big movie houses left in the area. It remains to this day the single greatest movie-going experience of my life. Full disclosure: I go back and forth between Hitch here and Malick’s Days Of Heaven as my all time favorite, but in the past year I think Vertigo has won out.)

Rear Window is better than Vertigo.

Pfft. As if.

Guess I need to see Vertigo now…

There is nothing in Vertigo as good as this scene.

And wait, Lawrence of Arabia isn’t even on the list? I call shenanigans.

Great scene. But saying that Rear Window is a better movie because of that scene is like saying that Let It Be is better than Revolver because of “Get Back”. Vertigo’s story, acting, and cinematography are Hitchcock at his very peak.

Agreed, even if Vertigo is my favorite Hitchcock film on some days, especially today while I’m in San Francisco right near so many of the classic set pieces from the movie.

Yes but saying “Hitchcock at his very peak” is like saying “Ringo Starr at his very peak” so…



“You’d think the rain would’ve cooled things down. All it did was make the heat wet.”

P.S. iTunes chose to shuffle in “Run for Your Life” just as I posted this.

I thought this was going to be a thread about Armageddon.


Ringo is a fantastic and underrated drummer, one of the greatest of all time. Zing back atcha.

It’s no Deep Impact…

You realize you just destroyed any chance Vertigo had of being seriously considered as the Greatest Movie Evar with that post. Right?

Also, don’t be surprised if Paul comes in and re-does all of your posts in this thread.


“I don’t think Mozart’s going to help at all.”

Vertigo is not the greatest film ever made and now I’m leaving this thread never to return.

It’s always a matter of taste but, the dream sequence, the rooftop vertigo death plunge - both cool stuff. I mean, do you prefer voyeurism or obsession? Hitch liked extended anxiety scenes to ratchet up tension - another is the assassin scene in The Man Who Knew Too Much.

Also, I’ll take Bernard Herrmann scores over Franz Waxman.

Anyway, not surprised the British saying an English director made the best film over some upstart American. Personally, North by Northwest is my favorite Hitchcock film, with Vertigo right behind. And for my money, I like them both better than Citizen Kane, though Casablanca tops my list.

Anyway, all good films worth watching.

Greatest, not worstest.

But…but…I was going to make expresso!

I LOVE Vertigo, but it is not a better film than Citizen Kane.

“Carlotta Valdez, I will make you her”

I would agree Vertigo is Hitchcock’s masterpiece. I don’t consider it to be better than Kane, although I do consider 2001: A Space Odyssey to be. And Black Narcissus gets more and more weird and interesting the more I watch it.

They are all worth seeing, anyway. But this is surprising news.

Any top 50 list that doesn’t include Flash Gordon is dead to me.