Finally, U.S. foreign policy we can all support

American military foxes forced to conduct operations in their underwear!

Now American female soldiers start gun raids in Afghanistan by bounding out of helicopters and stripping down to their sports bras.

That’s pretty enlightening. I mean, you become accustomed to their attitudes about their own women, you sort of don’t expect it applied to us. We know that women have no rights there… it’s a bit surprising for them to not know of the ‘perversions’ we have here, like women in the military.

What next? Letting women vote? Not while I’m still alive.

Get Trent Lott working on that.

Fantastic image, gi’s in sports bras jumping from choppers, but unfortunately just a fantasy. There are no female gi’s going on gun raids in Afghanistan.

Shady has better sources than a mere newspaper.

Shady has better sources than a mere newspaper.

Nah, I just looked around and remembered that whole, “no women in combat zone” policy that we have.

Here’s another article about Sgt. Nicola Brown (about half way down the page):

And here’s a pdf with the photo (page 2):

Nicola HALL.

‘Subject: Female MPs join infantry on front line’

Close enough.