Finally upgrading from Firefox 3.x to 12

With that big of a jump, is it recommended to uninstall Firefox 3.x first before installing 12, or is the easy one-click way likely to be fine?

I’d like to do the update myself before Firefox more or less forces the issue after discontinuing 3.x support.

(I know, I should just move to Chrome already. Planning to try that as well.)

You shouldn’t need to uninstall – the installer should take care of anything necessary. I have updated a couple of machines in the same boat recently without issue.

I have used FF for many years. I have also tried Chrome a few times, thinking it was the newer/cooler/better option and technology, and every time, I switched back. The primary reason for going back was that I just couldn’t set it up with extensions to do what I wanted to do, which was basically everything I did in FF.

However, I was having some problems with Firefox a few months ago, had some pages that I visit every day that were just running too slow, so I closed FF and opened Chrome just to test and see if it was the pages or FF. It was FF.

So - I switched to Chrome again, expecting that I’d run it for a couple of weeks and switch back. For whatever reason, this time I was able to find the add-ons/extensions that I needed, and the transition was smooth and easy. I’ve been running Chrome now for months and don’t even keep up with changes in Firefox any longer.

Not wanting to make this a FF vs. Chrome thread, but since you mentioned switching to Chrome, just wanted to toss in the experience of someone who finally switched and has been happy with the switch.

I definitely appreciate it. I am a heavy user of Google stuff and am intrigued by the Chrome app store, so really it probably makes sense for me to just jump over to Chrome instead of sticking with Firefox and whatever good/bad changes they’ve made from my trust 3.x.

And thanks, KMD, for sharing that the simple upgrade should work fine. (I’ve backed up my profile and bookmarks just in case.)

I may try the Firefox upgrade as well as Chrome on my wife’s laptop first. Does that make me a bad husband? She actually prefers IE anyway…

I know Firefox users like its extension support - but what are these extra tools? Other than adblocking, I don’t think I run anything extra, and I can’t see that I’m missing any functionality.

Mostly just things to change the interface.

Rehost image is good for message boards
Session manager is good if you like to have a games session and a work session for example
As noted, firefox has significantly better anti ad/tracking/popup/script stuff

Firefox is also significantly better at handling tabs, especially if you want any sort of decent vertical tab layout. This is the reason i use firefox personally. I tend to have a lot of tabs open at once and chrome just does not support this at all. I’ve never understood why people still use horizontal tabs when widescreen monitors are becoming more common and most websites don’t tend to target their layouts to use the full width of a decent sized monitor, leaving vertical space at premium and extra space on the sides.

Chrome is faster of course, but unless you’re viewing some huge photo album or on a 56k connection who really cares?

The people running Pale Moon? I do, it’s noticeably faster.

I’ve also yet to come across a decent Chrome ePub reader.

Yes, i actually use waterfox myself which is similar to pale moon. Mainly i just meant a non noticeable speed increase in loading some pages in chrome is not a world changing feature if you’re using a high speed connection.

I use waterfox over base firefox because it is 64bit (i’ve seen it use 5gb of ram sometimes when i’ve had a TON TON TON of tabs open) and because it generally seems to use less resources (which helps with the aforementioned super tabs situation).

True, and also why I first started using it - I tend to have a LOT of tabs open, the speed’s a bonus heh.

(I had several problems with Waterfox myself…I could probably have solved them, but Pale Moon was just as fast, didn’t need as much UI tweaking and worked, so…)

Security stuff mostly i suspect, things like NoScript etc? I’m probably in a minority, but i just don’t like the look of the new streamlined browsers (Chrome, Opera and now FF). Maybe it’s because i don’t use apple products (like an i-phone etc)? But i like having a definded top border in my browser where i can store things like bookmarks icons and various functional things.

I just never felt comfortable with the ‘less is more’ trend for browsers. Still i guess i’ll get used to it as i use them more, or find extensions that put the old look back maybe.

Me either. I use a Firefox 2 theme, and the addons oldbar and status4evar.

(Also an stylish script which changes tab resizing behaviour, but that’s actually not like any mainstream browser has ever had it’s defaults)

Hmmm. Well my Chrome doesn’t look a lot different than how I had FF. Tabs on top. Then a row with the back, forward, home, address, followed on the same row with a line of my extensions (Gmail notifier, media download, ad-block, forecastfox, SimilarSites, Recently Closed Tabs,) then the tools icon.

Then the website space, and nothing on the bottom unless I have an activity that uses it.

You still have all that in FF. Just click on the option menu, you can activate the bars.

ah…yes. Well that will certainly help me feel more at home, cheers Turin Tur and Starlight.