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Price manipulation is a huge deal for public companies. You are lectured endlessly about if it you are in upper management at a public company. Looks like Elon may not have been listening?

Well looks like he WAS listening. fair play Mr. Musk. Fair play.

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Maybe not out of the woods yet then?
Of no other CEO is it imaginable that he might blurt out such a thing for its effect, without consulting anybody or even having his facts straight.

With Mr. Musk, it’s just plausible. In some ways, he’s a throwback to 19th-century capitalism but with 21st-century tools. With a 19th-century CEO, all in a day’s work was to manipulate the share price, to ramp it up to facilitate a financing, implement a short squeeze, etc. Read about the doings of Daniel Drew, Cornelius Vanderbilt and Jay Gould. Anything went and investors knew it. Their contemporaries probably did not doubt they were a little crazy too.

Mr. Musk already risked trouble with the SEC over his numerous assurances that Tesla did not need fresh capital this year, a claim many analysts on Wall Street flatly contradict. Then there are his countless production forecasts that haven’t been borne out.

Till now, the SEC’s long leash amounted to, wittingly or otherwise, an experiment in 19th-century capitalism.

Yeah, he is in deep kimchi.

Musk will offer the SEC a flamethrower and a submarine and they’ll forget all about it.

Lol. yeah.

Musk digs his hole even deeper…and now he’s on the FRONT PAGE of the WSJ.

Ruh-Roh is right!

Elon Musk Tweets Another Surprise, Saying Goldman and Silver Lake Are Tesla Advisers

These aren’t the first examples of Mr. Musk tweeting that a business deal was in place before it was actually done. About a year ago, he claimed on Twitter that he had “verbal” government approval to build a high-speed, tunnel-based travel system called a Hyperloop from New York City to Washington, D.C. Representatives for Mr. Musk’s tunnel venture, the Boring Co., and the White House both said the two sides had “promising conversations” but didn’t confirm there was a verbal agreement, while New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted the announcement was “news to City Hall.”

A habitual tweeter, Mr. Musk’s casual tone is unique among CEOs of his stature, and that can sometimes get him in trouble. Last month, he suggested a cave rescuer in Thailand was a pedophile, before later deleting the tweets and apologizing.

Well @Rod_Humble

SEC Probes Tesla Over Model 3 Production Disclosures

The investigation began before Elon Musk’s tweets about taking the auto maker private

Yelp! yeah like I said I was lectured endlessly about this kind of stuff when i was an officer of the company at EA. I am shocked a smarty guy like Musk ignored this. Its not casual advice, its the law, its literally his job to understand how being the CEO of a public company works!

Have you seen Elon Musk?

Pretty sure Wisdom is his dump stat.

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Yeah, Shiva, I am a sucker for an AD&D reference.

Do wealthy people end up with dump stats? Any game has things that increase stats in any area, right? And you can buy them?

A trillion dollar company hacked by a 16 year old kid from Australia:

I’m still in the market for Ioun Stones should anyone have some available. Only magical item I ever came across was a Deck of Many Things, and I said “#$%^ that noise.”

Doesn’t surprise me at all. I spoke with a colleague who until recently was at Apple. She told me it was unbelievable just how much of Apple’s business revolves around a few insecure antiquated databases, actually she used the word “spreadsheets” but that cant be right or at least I hope it isnt right.

Thats a heckuva good point.