Financial Crisis: Profiles in Courage

We get the leaders we deserve.


McCain is also running a TV ad now blaming Obama for the mortgage crisis. Apparently Obama and the Democrats actually have been running the country the past 8 years. Who knew?

During an appearance on Hannity and Colmes on Wednesday, Rove outlined what he thought would be the best counterattack for McCain to launch the opposition’s way: mainly, tie the current financial and housing market crisis to the Democrats and play guilt by association with Obama.

“I do think that McCain and Palin ought to identify that the source of this contagion, the thing that started these dominos going down was the misbehavior of Fannie and Freddie, who I would remind you are the biggest part of the bailouts,” he said. Earlier in the program, he had specifically brought up Raines’ name in this context.

Apparently Bush and his economic team have spent the past two terms reading My Pet Goat to each other.

Fuck it. I’m going to play Ramblin’ Man some more.

John McCain: not only a heroic prisoner of war, but like you a prisoner of the Democratic party that has led this nation into the dirt!

Kudos to Obama, he’s impressed with me how he’s responded to this situation.

Err… Didn’t Sen. McCain have Sen. Phil Gramm as a senior economic adviser?

Ha ha, Fooey’s account got hacked! :)


“A Democrat is just a Republican who’s been laid off.”

LOL, I was probably literally within hours of getting fired this week. My firm looked like it was going to collapse imminently Thursday and probably would not have not survived the weekend without this turn we’ve seen. And if I had been fired, that would have pretty much been it for me. There are no jobs to be had in my industry at this point. It’s probably a similar situation in finance right now to people working at internet startups or telecom companies who lost their jobs in 2001 in that you’re basically either retiring if you saved enough in the good times or you’re changing industrries. Then the tide turned Thursday afternoon, and my company and me got at least a temporary reprieve. It’s been an emotionally exhausting week to say the least. I have strangely mixed feelings in that I was basically fully prepared to be unemployed imminently and had emotionally prepared myself for it, and now suddenly it’s put off and I’m trying to adjust my state of mind but still knowing the end could come at any time.

Well - I’m glad you didn’t get fired. Good luck from here on, sounds like you’re in the right headspace whatever happens.