Fincher's VOIR, a Netflix collection of visual essays about movies

This isn’t available yet on Netflix but will be:

Since Tony Zhou (plus collaborator Taylor Ramos) made such awesome visual essays about movies in his defunct “Every Frame A Painting” YouTube videos, I am now eagerly awaiting this new repository for even one of his new thoughts about movies in visual essay form.

Drew McWeeny, a critic I have followed since way back when he was a pseudonym on Ain’t It Cool News in the '90s and '00s, is another contributor. He writes a little more about what this Voir thing is here (but neglects to specifically write about what his contribution is):

So yeah, when it comes out, I think this sounds like fun.

Every Frame a Painting was brilliant (the Edgar Wright one is a personal favorite), so I’m really looking forward to this, even though it’s unclear what Zhou’s contribution is.

Agreed. I was sad that he no longer makes them, as they are pretty great. On top of the Edgar Wright one, I’d add Jackie Chan as my personal favorite.

I’m in just for the Every Frame a Painting link. Honestly, they could’ve just announced new installments of that exclusive to Netflix, and they’d have had me.