Find out an individual developers Metacritic score

Ok, so this is pretty silly.

It looks like metacritic will give a developer a score based upon all the games they’ve made. Well, all the games they’ve made that are on GameFaqs, which is a lot more unreliable than MobyGames.

Damn you cliffy, you beat me by 5 points! Granted half my games aren’t even listed, and at least one stinker didn’t make it to the list.

That’s hilarious. I can imagine this score being used in contract negotiations and hiring by idiots.

Theme Park is hurting Molyneux’s score!

John Carmack’s rating is getting killed by the mobile games!

Ha! Bill Roper beats John Carmack!

My favorite is Jason Jones. You know, the guy who married Samantha Bee and works on the Daily Show… no, no, no I mean the cofounder of Bungie… er, wait, no that’s not it. I got it! The guy who works at Arena Net! Umm, wait. What?

This can only end badly.

According to Metacritic, Ken Levine also wrote many episodes of Cheers and Frasier. Really?

So… Metacritic is now trying to become a humor site?

  • Alan

They need to make one with reviewers, showing their metacritic score depending on the score they gave on all their reviews!