Find out first-hand whether Star Citizen is worth the ridicule! counted among the Starites, or Citizeners, or Crobots, or Whale Wanna-bes, or whatever Star Citizen players call themselves.

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If you can even download or play it, that is

WTF is with the screenshot? Are the 2 avatars lining up to vote in a star booth to express their star citizenship? The first thing that comes to mind for a space sim is how detailed my humanoid avatars will be.

But is there a game there yet?

If it wasn’t such a big download I’d try it again.

I’ll wait until it’s reviewed and on Metacritic, thanks.

It should be in the monthly Humble Bundle soon, right?


Friends, if you want an actually competent space sim that’s feature complete, does a lot of what Star Citizen does (only not as visually appealingly) and can do both single and multiplayer. Spend your money on Evochron Legacy:

Evochron Legacy: Made by mostly one guy who actually knows what the fuck he’s doing.


Actually I might try it! I just wanted to get in on the fun image action.



I think playing as a roguish, affable, pirate/smuggler like Solo is what basically every space sim is going for besides the X games. That’s who we want to be!

I don’t think I want to give them my email address.

Huh. Well that was an interesting slide show.

what was it like?

I’d like to find out second-hand whether it’s worth the ridicule. Please post more ridicule.

I completed my biannual attempt to play.
I revolved on the landing pad for a minute while I tried to engage my thrusters, with my guns hanging 4 meters distant from my wings, eventually left the station, and spent five minutes trying to figure out how to retract my landing gear. (N, if you were wondering). Was nonplused that Mobiglas doesn’t respond to any gamepad input (and ingame interfaces only roughly 50% of the time.)
I then spent another five minutes being utterly defeated by the map system, which faded out whatever I attempted to zoom in toward, rendering it invisible, so I was unable to select a waypoint to engage my quantum drive to pick up a box.
I eventually retreated, wounded and chastened.
Will check in again 6 months from now.

Well, first of all, let me say that I’m trying to run this on an underpowered PC because that’s all I’ve got. It recommends 16 gigs of ram when you install and I’ve only got 12, so some performance compromise is to be expected. But this was just, man, I couldn’t really do anything. I couldn’t figure out flying with a mouse and keyboard so I just stuck to wandering on foot and things look pretty ok but that’s not really what you’re buying a space sim for is it? Sorry this is pretty superficial but I got bored and logged out. I agree with Mr Baldree, this needs more time in the oven before I try again. Given that it’s been what, five or so years so far? Maybe I’ll check back in five more.