Find the fake smile

You see 20 persons smiling, and you have to guess if the smile is genuine or fake.

I got 8 out of 20 :(

At the end there’s an explanation on how to identify a fake smile. Very handy!

15 out of 20. You need to go to some of the lame parties i’ve been to. You’ll get lots of practice checking out fake smiles…LOL


Hmm, I got 17 out of 20. I blame it on the 15 years of working for a big corporation that has made me the cynical bastard I am. The office environment is the home of the fake smile I guess.

17 of 20, probably because I spend most of my day being lied to.

19 out of 20, and I was on the fence on the one I missed. I work in IT, spend most of my day staring at a screen. Weird.

20 out of 20. Seemed really easy actually.

15 out of 20 - office politics for the win.

Damn, I guess I’m some social freak then…

15 out of 20. :wink: = real :) = fake

13 out of 20. I missed 4 fake and 3 genuine.

13 out of 20.


#10 looks strikingly like Calgary Flames goaltender Miika Kipprusoff.

I actually thought a couple of them looked strikingly like the zombies from hell in Doom 3. Yeesh. I blame that for the three I missed–I was totally thrown by a couple of the ghoulish test subjects.

16 out of 20, basically only looked at the eyes and a thought a little bit about the blinking (or lack thereof)

15 out of 20. I started looking for different cues about halfway through (quite successfully).

  • Alan

I generally went with the “bouncing” = real.

17/20. Fascinating test.

17/20. Fascinating test.

18/20. Got all the girls right but missed two guys - 10th and last.

Blame it on high school and girls trying to cozy up for favors.

18/20. Watch the eyes.