Finding Paradise (To The Moon's sequel)

I just bumped the old thread for To The Moon because I recently replayed it leading up to the release of Finding Paradise:

It’s a little longer than To The Moon, and a pretty different type of story. Much more suspenseful and mysterious, but in the end it reduced me to a blubbering mess just like To The Moon did. Some of the best writing in games I’ve ever experienced.

It’s a genuinely funny, incredibly emotional, and thoughtful look at death and life’s meaning inside of a sci-fi premise that reminds me a little bit of some Black Mirror episodes.

Highly recommended. It adds a little to the overall meta story that spans To The Moon, its holiday mini episodes, and A Bird Story that came out a couple years ago, but as a standalone story it completely lives up to and then surpasses my expectations.

Similar to the other games, Kan Gao composed another incredible soundtrack too. Some great new tracks and revisions of past music.