Finding serial # on Samsung 931BF LCD monitor

I’m trying to register my new LCD monitor but I’m lost as to where to find the registration number. The only numbers I can find are on a label on the bottom of the monitor stand – and I don’t know if they are meaningful or not. One starts with “BN” and the other with “TDE.”

This is a little review I stumbled on it so you know what it looks like:

I just wish the manual, Web site or something would give any guidance on finding the serial number - there’s nada that I can find so far.

I’m floundering so I thought I’d try here. And if nobody ever registeres their hardware, that’s OK, just worth a try. :)

Had to do this myself a few weeks back on a Samsung monitor… I’m not sure if yours is the same as ours, but there was a plastic bit that snaps onto the back of the monitor, that goes into place after you’ve plugged the cables in. The sticker with the serial # on it is under that bit of plastic. You should just be able to pull it off again (as you would have to do if you needed to replace cables).

At least that’s where it was on our Samsung 941BW.