Finished Dark Cloud 2....(sorta)

Defeated Griffon, and the other boss. Despite my swearing, it was not as hard as initially appeared. I just had to scour the future to find all of the fruits of eden, potato pies and witch parfaits.

That changed most of the bosses hits to hitting me for half my life and not full life. Between that and the fact that I overleveled my gun a bit much, griffon went down quite easily. As did all the enemies in the map after.

I thought the ending was a bit lacking, but I really wasn’t playing for a full blow, Final Fantasy tear jerker. It did its job.

There is one thing though. With a game that had everything but the kitchen sink, you know it had to have this:

Yep, one more dungeon to make your way through. A good deal harder that the Moon Flower Palance, but not nearly as neat looking. This is especially saddening since you can’t go back to the future or to the palace after chapter 7.