Firaxis games on the DS?

I seem to recall reading an interview with Sid this past summer where he was asked about this, and his response was something along the lines of “Stay tuned for exciting news coming soon.”

Has anyone heard anything more about this? I’d trade my soul for DS versions of Civilization, or Alpha Centauri, or Colonization…

SimGolf, Pirates, and Gettysburg would also all be appreciated, too.

Do they still have the rights to the old Microprose catalogue?

Is there any particular reason why they couldn’t put Civilization on it?

Civ4 is too big for a handheld, and I don’t think I’d want to go back to a simpler variant. Pirates would be absolutely perfect, though!

Portable SMAC/CIV 4?

I’d buy a DS for that.

I’d certainly buy Civ 4 if it came out for the DS.

I’d gratefully pay for ANY kind of portable Civ. Ok, maybe not Civ 1 for the DS… ;-)

Seriously though, just having a portable version of Civ would be enough. I don’t know if you could port Civ 3…but you certainly could port Civ 2 Test of Time, and Alpha Centauri/Alien Crossfire.

Just the thought has my mouth watering…

Yes. Well, Take 2 does.

Moo2 DS

I’d make a love stain on myself if they had a portable Master of Magic.

So is this just a wank thread, or is there a shred of proof that this might happen beyond a dimly remembered interview?

I was having a good time along the “wank” lines.

There’s not much from the old Microprose catalog that wouldn’t be neat on the DS.

No wank, Andrew…

It has been quite silent the last months concerning DS titels, and my guess is a lot of new Q3 and Q4 titles will be revealed at or around E3. Nintendo hasn’t revealed any new games (except tetris, but that’s Q2) since they had that list published somewhere end 2005 (that included some vague titles like tingle RPG etc).

Anyone hear anything more about this?

I want Civ & Pirates for my DS so bad it’s not even funny. I’ve been wondering about this lately as well.

Also haven’t heard anything about the Disciples DS game in awhile.

E5, which DS???

I’d rather take MoO1 DS.